Cupid's Pulse Article: Brad Pitt Flies to Australia to Reunite with His Celebrity Love Angelina Jolie and KidsCupid's Pulse Article: Brad Pitt Flies to Australia to Reunite with His Celebrity Love Angelina Jolie and Kids

By Brittany Stubbs

It’s a busy life for the handsome Brad Pitt. Right after the Producers Guild Awards, he hopped on a flight to Australia’s Gold Coast Airport and then onto a waiting helicopter, presumably to reunite with celebrity love Angelina Jolie and their six children, as reported. Although Jolie has been filming Unbroken in Australia and Pitt has had a busy few months with projects of his own, they always make time for their celebrity relationship and family.

Following Pitt’s example with his celebrity love, what are some ways to put your relationship and love before a busy work schedule?

Cupid’s Advice:

In an ideal world, we would have the perfect amount of time to devote to all our priorities, but that’s not the way it is; instead, life is often a constant balancing act. No matter what you or your partner have going on, even if you two are in different countries like Pitt and his celebrity love Jolie, it’s always important to make sure your relationship and love never takes a backseat to your business:

1. Designate weekly “us” time: Make time to put down the cell phones or the kids’ projects and just be together. Whether this means that you have a weekly date night or you spend 30 minutes chatting at the end of the day, if you are both committed to it, your relationship and love will benefit.

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2. Set boundaries: Every busy couple needs to set boundaries to keep their work life from getting in the way of their relationship. It may mean ignoring business calls and e-mails once you get home each evening or only traveling for two weeks out of every month. Whatever your rules might be, set them as a couple, reminding one another that they are meant to improve your partnership as a whole.

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3. Continue to work at it: No matter how long you’ve been together, love is something you constantly must tend to and work at. Be open to additional opportunities to put your partnership before your busy work schedule. Even if you already have a weekly date night or nightly pillow talk, look for new ways to make the most of your time together.

What are some ways you put your relationship and love before your busy work schedule? Share your experiences below.