Cupid's Pulse Article: Emma Watson’s Boyfriend’s ‘Second Family’ Is ‘Thrilled’ They’re DatingCupid's Pulse Article: Emma Watson’s Boyfriend’s ‘Second Family’ Is ‘Thrilled’ They’re Dating

By Louisa Gonzales

New couple Emma Watson and Oxford rugby star, Matthew Janney may not have hit the “meet the parents” milestone of their relationship yet, but Janney’s ‘second family’ already offers warm welcomes and congratulations for his new girlfriend. Janney adopted into husband and wife James and Coralie Day’s family unofficially after the passing of his biological mother Jill, who died of breast cancer in 2008, when Janney was 16. His father passed away long before that when he was just a toddler. According to, the Days reportedly shared their thoughts about the new item, recently spotted at the beginning of January in the Caribbean looking sweet and chummy on the beach. They said they’re “thrilled” the two are dating, and a source also revealed that Janney was “excited” when telling them about him and Emma.

What do you do if your partner’s family doesn’t approve of you?

Cupid’s Advice:

“Meeting the parents” is a stressful part of your relationship as you want to make a good impression and get your romantic mate’s guardians to like you. What do you do if you or fail to make a great first impression or don’t succeed in getting them to like you? Cupid has some advice on what you can do if your partner’s family doesn’t approve of you being in relationship with their child:

1.See what your partner has to say: What does your other half think about their family not approving? Share your concern with them. Maybe they have the answers or can give you some insight about why their family didn’t approve of you, after all no one knows their family better than them. Finding out what went wrong or what the problem was together can help with the two of you finding a solution or understanding.

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2. Ask your lover to talk with their family: Maybe the first time meeting your partners parents didn’t go as planned or as smoothly as you had both hoped. Ask your sweetie if they could talk with their family and see why they don’t think you are a good fit for their child. Give your significant other a chance to talk with their family to explain and defend you as well as your relationship. It might be easier to find out why the family doesn’t approve or convince them to give you a second chance by letting your honey talk to them alone.

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3.Give yourself a second chance: Maybe during your first meting you were trying to be someone you weren’t or you acted how you thought your partner and his family wanted you to be, which may have resulted in you coming off as fake or awkward. Your best bet is to arrange a second meeting and let them see your true personality and give them a glimpse of the positive side of you and your lovebirds union. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but showing affection to your significant other and his family can go a long way. If in the end they still don’t like you, don’t let them phase you as the only opinions that truly matter are yours and your better half, there could be a number of reasons about why they don’t approve, none of them necessarily having to do with you.

What’s your advice on what to do when your lover’s family doesn’t approve of you? Share your tips below.