Cupid's Pulse Article: Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky Are Expecting TwinsCupid's Pulse Article: Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky Are Expecting Twins

By Brittany Stubbs

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are getting ready for not one, but two new additions to the family! Hemsworth’s rep confirmed with People that the actors are expecting twins this spring. This will make them parents of three, already having their daughter India Rose, who is 19 months old. “It’s incredibly exciting,” Hemsworth told reporters.

How do you prepare for twins versus a single child?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Preparing for the arrival of any number of children can be difficult, but twins bring along some specific challenges to watch out for:

1. Be ready for an early arrival: When you’re having multiple babies at once, there is a higher chance of them being born early, so have that overnight hospital bag ready by the door ahead of time. Having a premature arrival also means they’re born smaller than average newborns.

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2. Have extra help: As if caring for one newborn isn’t tough enough, you’ll definitely need some extra hands when bringing home two, since that’s twice the number of dirty diapers, spits ups, and all the other other “blessings” that come with the little miracles. When it comes to feeding twins, whether by breast or bottle, you might also try and seek extra help from the doctor regarding special strategies for feeding two.

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3. Prepare for some separation:  Although they’ll be used to being together, it’s important that from an early age twins begin to learn how to be apart from time to time. Whether this is done by occasionally having them play in different rooms, or ensuring their preschool and elementary school puts them in different classes, it’s crucial that they learn to function as individuals, as well as a unit.

How do you prepare for twins? Share your thoughts below.