Cupid's Pulse Article: David Arquette Says Having a Second Child Is ‘Less Scary’Cupid's Pulse Article: David Arquette Says Having a Second Child Is ‘Less Scary’

By Brittany Stubbs

It can be pretty scary becoming a parent, but David Arquette reveals the second time around is much easier as he discusses preparing for the arrival of his baby boy. “I know I’ve done it once so there’s not that fear that a first-time parent has because you just don’t know what to expect,” the actor told People after the TCAs panel at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, California on Sunday. “Animals across the world have babies and they know how to take care of them instinctually. Us humans get so in our heads about it all but as soon as the baby comes it is just instinct.” Although not as nervous, Arquette knows how much children can change his life, learning this from the arrival of his daughter Coco, now 9, with his ex-wife Courtney Cox. He is making sure to schedule his work around his girlfriend Christina McLarty’s due date.

How do you prepare for a second child differently than your first?

Cupid’s Advice:

Although preparing for your second child is less stressful regarding what to expect during the pregnancy, the labor process, and when you first bring your sweet baby home, there are some knew things you’ll have to prepare for now that you have another child around during this process:

1. Cherish your time with your first child: Although expanding your family is exciting, things will change and you will sometimes miss that special time as a threesome. So when preparing for the arrival of your second baby, make sure you take advantage of all the moments you can while it’s just the 3 (or 2) of you.

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2. Explaining the new addition to your first child: A card in the mail that says, “we’re expecting!” simply won’t do. Your little one is probably going to be wondering why mommy’s belly is getting so big, so you’ll have to explain, and be prepared for lots of questions. You’ll also need to explain to your your child how things will change when their little brother or sister is born. If your first child is old enough, they might need to be taught how to help out when the new baby is brought home.

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3. Sharing your time and attention: When you bring home the first baby, they consume you; their every move and cry is attended to. But with a second baby, you have another child in the picture. They won’t stop needing you simply because the new baby has a dirty diaper or needs to be fed. Whether it’s working out a system with your partner, or hiring extra help, be prepared to figure out a way you can manage your time so both of your children are feeling the love.

How have you prepared for a second child? Share your stories below.