Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Tour a Chocolate FactoryCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Tour a Chocolate Factory

By Leslie Chavez

Chocolate and romance are two things that go together oh so well. The sweet, dark candy is considered to be an aphrodisiac and can add a little passion and sensuality to any relationship when used correctly. If you have a sweet tooth, these chocolate-filled date ideas are sure to satisfy it!

Change your general romance routine by spending the day at a chocolate factory. Most visits include a short tour of the chocolate factory and free tastings of a variety of the company’s most popular chocolates. There might even be a chocolate-making demo included with the tour.

If you’re interested in getting a more hands-on approach, try taking some classes at a chocolate school. You can learn how to manufacture chocolate, produce candy and confections, use chocolate molds, and create professional chocolate recipes. Have fun with it! Tease each other and flirt your way to the best chocolate soufflé you’ve ever made.

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Take the skills you learned in your chocolatier class and use them at home. Spending the night with your love baking, drizzling, and melting the decadent treat is a perfect way to add romance to the date. Make some chocolate-dipped strawberries, white chocolate fudge, hot cocoa, or truffles. And don’t worry about making a mess — you can clean it up later!

Not only can you treat your stomach to a chocolate treat, you can also treat your body, mind, and spirit. Visit a chocolate spa where you can experience the latest in massages, skincare, and other chocolate-based services. There are a number of spas that have these options, but the most popular is — where else? — Hershey, Pennsylvania. There, a cocoa massage, whipped cocoa bath, and a chocolate bean polish are offered.

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If you can’t make it to Hershey this weekend, you can always make your own chocolate romance bath for two. Now, all you need is a little champagne and some chocolate-scented candles for a scrumptious evening at home.

This weekend, forget the diet and indulge in a sugary treat with your man. As if you needed another excuse to eat chocolate!

What sort of chocolate-filled date would you enjoy? Tell us in the comments below!