Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Spy Kids’ Actress Alexa Vega Ties the Knot with Carlos Pena, Jr. in MexicoCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Spy Kids’ Actress Alexa Vega Ties the Knot with Carlos Pena, Jr. in Mexico

By Louisa Gonzales

Alexa Vega started off the New Year with a bang by tying the knot with long-term boyfriend Carlos Pena, Jr. The pair married on Saturday January 4, in Cabo San Juan Lucas, Mexico. a rep confirmed to Congrats to the happy couple!

What are three warm vacation spots that provide a great setting for a wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

Picking out the perfect spot for your wedding is a difficult task for many couples. Are you two lovebirds looking to get away for your Wedding? Somewhere that is warm, fun and romantic? Cupid has some advice on some possible wedding spots:

1. Mexico: Parts of Mexico, especially by the coast can offer great, unforgettable, and romantic wedding destinations. Get hitched in paradise such as Mexico. With its warm weather, nice beaches and tropical settings it’s a lovely place for saying your vows.

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2. Hawaii: Hawaii is best known for being a great honeymoon hot spot so why not tie the knot there as well and save on traveling costs? Hawaii and its various islands have many beautiful, well-maintained beaches as well other striking and colorful places to choose from. There you can create a sweet, private and personal wedding.

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3. The Caribbean: Lastly, but not least the Caribbean is a great spot for a beach wedding. Anyone of the islands would give extraordinary setting for your wedding nuptials! It is a warm, quite and relaxing place, perfect for a nice, peaceful ceremony. Plus, with the exotic surroundings it can provide great backdrops for your wedding photographs.

Where would you want to vacation for your wedding? Share your thoughts below.