Cupid's Pulse Article: Jessica Simpson to Marry Eric Johnson Without Prenup?Cupid's Pulse Article: Jessica Simpson to Marry Eric Johnson Without Prenup?

After dating for only six months, Jessica Simpson and former NFL player Eric Johnson announced their exciting decision to walk down the aisle together.  The couple’s newest announcement?  According to PopEater, they’re doing it without a prenup!  This isn’t the first time Jessica Simpson will put on a wedding dress without signing the agreement. In her past divorce from Nick Lachey, who just days ago announced his engagement to Vanessa Minnillo, Jessica Simpson lost $10 million dollars for saying “I do” without a prenup.  The singer’s father, though very happy for the two of them, does not want to see his daughter make the same mistake twice and plans on trying to change her mind when the excitement dies down.  But for now, the couple is running on love!

Should you get a prenup when you get married? 
Cupid’s Advice:Like many other couples in love, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson don’t think a prenuptial agreement will be necessary.  Cupid has some instances where it may be a healthy choice:

1. You’re wealthier: Believe it or not, having more money than your partner and insisting on a prenup doesn’t make you selfish!  It’s a harmless way to guarantee that he is marrying you for the right reasons and isn’t interested in your bank account.

2. You’ve been married before: If this isn’t your first venture down the aisle, the situation becomes more complicated.  If you have kids from a previous marriage, a prenup can ensure that when/if you pass away, everyone in your family receives their share of your assets.

3. You don’t want the stress: Money issues are one of the most common reasons for divorce.  A prenup can help to halt the stress.  If you’re fighting less, you’re most likely never going to have to use it!