Cupid's Pulse Article: All-American Rejects Singer Tyson Ritter Ties the KnotCupid's Pulse Article: All-American Rejects Singer Tyson Ritter Ties the Knot

By Brittany Stubbs

The New Year was started with love, as Tyson Ritter and actress Elena Satine tied the knot this Tuesday. It was an intimate affair, taking place in Seaside, Florida, in front of 50 of their closest friends and family members. “We feel very fortunate to have started the New Year this way,” the couple shares with People. “With an abundance of love and happiness together, shares with all of our friends and family.”

What are some compelling reasons to keep your wedding small and intimate? 

Cupid’s Advice:

Your wedding is one of the most exciting days of your life. Although it’s tempting to want to invite everyone and their yoga instructor, there are advantages of celebrating with a more intimate crowd:

1. Saving money: Obviously, this is always a great reason to shorten your guest list. With extra money, you can provide more for the people you invite. For example, a nicer meal at the reception, fancier place settings, etc. But saving money isn’t all about the wedding, think about that honeymoon. Even if you have someone paying for your trip, they usually aren’t covering all the meals, drinks, excursions, etc. Consider these details when debating between a small and large wedding.

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2. The more intimate, the more memories: Although a wedding reception is a celebration for the bride and groom, it’s also like hosting a party. You want to enjoy yourself, but you also feel the need to see and talk with all your guests, and make sure everyone is being taken care of. With less people, you can spend more time doing what your wedding is about, celebrating! This allows more time for taking pictures with close friends and family, dancing, and making all those memories your wedding should contain.

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3. Less pressure: The fewer people you invite, the fewer people you have to worry about.  When you know you’re surrounded by only close friends and family, you’re way less likely to worry about little things like tripping in your dress while you’re walking down the aisle, stuttering during your vows, or messing up during your first dance. A small and intimate wedding takes off the pressure and allows you to enjoy yourself, which is what your celebration is about.

What are your thought on small and intimate weddings? Share with us below.