Cupid's Pulse Article: Q&A: When Is It Appropriate to Send an Event Invite via Facebook?Cupid's Pulse Article: Q&A: When Is It Appropriate to Send an Event Invite via Facebook?

Question from Amanda G.: My college roommate just invited me to a wedding reception via a Facebook “event”. While I understand the family’s need to save money, I find it classless and tacky. So when is it appropriate to send an event invite via Facebook? Should I let her know that I didn’t find this appropriate?

Answer from Our Love Experts:

Suzanne Oshima, Matchmaker: While I’m not an etiquette expert by any means, if she sent you a Facebook event invitation to the wedding ceremony, that would be quite inappropriate. However, this is an invitation to the wedding reception. While a formal invitation to the reception would have been ideal…let’s face it, wedding receptions are very expensive. Apparently, she’s on a tight budget, so I’m sure she felt this was one of the ways she could cut back on expenses.

It is her wedding, so try not to be so judgmental about something so trivial as an invitation. And just try to be a good, supportive friend who is happy for her about her wedding — I’m sure you would want her to do the same for you!

Robert Manni, Guy’s Guy: Being invited to a friend’s wedding is an honor. Although you wouldn’t choose a Facebook event for your own wedding invitations, this is a personal decision, and it isn’t your wedding. If you feel strongly about her choosing to use Facebook for the invitation, you can always decline…via the Facebook event page.

If you decide to attend her special day, leave your judgements at home. After all, you don’t know why she elected to use Facebook events for her wedding invitation. It could have been a financial issue, and if so, as a friend, you have to respect that and have the tact not to make her feel bad about it.

Paige Wyatt, Reality Star: Finding new, innovative ways to make a wedding — and the wedding planning easier — is important to every bride-to-be. That being said, a Facebook invite may be a little inappropriate for a wedding, but there is no point in bringing it up to your roommate since it’s already been sent. Everyone has there own style and vision for their wedding, and maybe the reception invitation was less important to her than the other factors.

An appropriate event to send a Facebook invite for would be much more casual soiree, like the housewarming party after the wedding.

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