Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Write a BookCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Write a Book

By Leslie Chavez

The act of writing can be so romantic. It’s a creative way to reflect on an experience and express your feelings on a special moment in sweet, expressive language. Just think of John Keats, Lord Byron, or William Wordsworth penning their observant and emotional poetry. They’ll be sure to inspire you to create a written keepsake with your love.

Be each other’s muses as you construct a work that reflects your relationship. If you both love reading, put together a book of your favorite quotes from literature and poetry. You can go back to the book every now and then and take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing on what quotes you chose and why you chose them.

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Sharing with each other why these words are important to you will make you feel more emotionally connected. Or take it to the next level and do a special exercise: Pick a poetic quote that reminds you of your man and have him do the same for you. Flattery with beautiful verse is such a turn on. Indulge in a little wordplay, if you will.

If you both enjoy cooking, develop your own special cookbook. Jot down your favorite recipes to make together. You can even include drawings or funny stories about your experiences when making a specific recipe. Did you stop and have a flirty food fight? Is this something that you made on one of your first dates? Document your experiences! Each time you turn to your special cookbook, it will help you remember the sweet moments that you’ve spent together. This reminder will give you more than just a meal to savor.

If you want to get even more creative, write a short story, poem, or love sonnet together. Throw some ideas around and don’t be afraid of what the other person thinks. Being able to express creative ideas with your partner without feeling self-conscious brings your trust for each other to a whole new level.

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Let yourself be silly. No matter how crazy an idea seems, tell your love; the worst thing that can happen is that you’ll laugh at each other, only elevating your mood and enhancing creativity. When you guys finish your masterpiece, you’ll be able to say that you created a work of art together, serving as each other’s inspirations.

You can even write about your own relationship. According to new research from Northwestern University, a few minutes spent writing about your relationship can protect your bond. In the exercise, couples were asked to write about an argument that they recently had from a neutral third-party perspective. When doing this activity, they were much better able to contemplate what the best, most logical solution to a problem in their relationship would be. According to the article, “The reflection and contemplation involved in writing makes for a healthier relationship and reduces the amounts of distress couples feel about arguments.” What a relief!

So whether used to reflect or to create, writing serves as an intellectual experience you and your muse can connect with and benefit from.

Have you ever written something special with your love? Tell us in the comments below!