Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Predictions: Jessica Simpson, Miranda Kerr and BeyonceCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Predictions: Jessica Simpson, Miranda Kerr and Beyonce

By Shoshi

For today’s column, let’s consider three couples who have controversy currently surrounding them, whether it’s because of baby weight, a surprise split, or anti-feminist song lyrics:

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson: This blonde pop star has come a long way, which makes it so easy to root for her success. Recently, she announced that she’s going to stop acting and retire from the entertainment world. Her focus is now on being a business woman and mother.

All of that also means that she’s finally ready to marry her baby daddy, Johnson.When I took a closer look at their relationship, it looks like everything is falling into place for them. The question of will they or won’t they tie the knot is about to be put to rest. This time, the wedding will take place. It’s a wonderful time for them to get hitched, now that they have two cute kids and Simpson has lost the baby weight.

This celebrity couple has a pretty normal relationship, and their wedding should be held in 2014. Don’t expect too much drama — everything is going strong with them.

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Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom: This beautiful couple has called it quits, which was a surprise to many people. Rumors have circled that Kerr cheated with Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber, while Bloom has recently been seen with Liv Tyler, causing the media to assume they’re more than friends.

When considering the lost love between these exes, it looks like it just ran its course. Their relationship was well over before they made it official. They still care deeply for one another and always will,  but it is more like a friendship. They tried to stay together for their child but realized it was just better to say goodbye.

Bloom will date around a bit before settling down again, breaking a few hearts along the way. He’s going to enjoy being a single dad. As for Kerr, there are plenty of suitors circling her. After all, models hardly ever have a hard time finding rich men to love them.

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Beyonce and Jay Z: How can I not bring up this power duo considering the current controversy sounding them for the song “Drunk Love,” in which Jay-Z compares their relationship to Ike and Tina Turner? The lyrics have stirred mixed reviews from fans and feminists alike. How can a strong woman like Beyonce allow those lyrics on her album?  Keep in mind that the singer has never called herself a feminist; other people just view her in this way.

This is all to say that these musical stars don’t have the amazing relationship that most of their fans want them to have. I know some people will not like me saying it, but when I look into their marriage, it’s not that great. There’s a rumor that Beyonce thought about leaving Jay-Z because he didn’t put his family first, and it definitely has many elements of truth in it. Plus, there are often reports of Jay-Z having relations with other women. His entrance into the sports world will put even more strain on their relationship.

It’d be awesome if they had the picture-perfect marriage that has been marketed. If you are one of the people who believe that they are crazy in love, it’s all good. Just remember that, no matter how much money or fame someone has, we all go through the same ups and downs in our relationships.

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