Cupid's Pulse Article: Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley Marries Brittany ColeCupid's Pulse Article: Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley Marries Brittany Cole

By April Littleton

Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley secretly wed his serious girlfriend, Brittney Marie Cole, Monday in an outdoor ceremony at his Nashville home. “The whole process has been non-traditional,” Kelley told People about his surprise wedding. “There was no official proposal or exchanging of rings. We had just fallen in love, and I knew I couldn’t live without her. It sounds like a terrible cheesy movie, but when you know, you know!” Before tying the knot, the couple dated for seven months, but have known each other for over three years.

How do you know when you’ve found “the one”?

Cupid’s Advice:

You’ve been seeing someone for awhile now, and you’re starting to believe you may have finally found the person you’re supposed to be with forever. How do you know if your feelings are true? What are some signs to look for when you’re thinking you found someone special? Cupid has some tips:

1. Great communication: If you and your new love can talk for hours without getting bored of each other, then you might have found something special. Good communication is essential for a long-lasting relationship.

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2. New feelings: Compared to all of your other past relationships, you can sit back and honestly say that you’ve never felt the way you do about your current partner with anyone else. When you’re with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you can’t imagine living the rest of your life with another individual. You can picture a future with your honey, and inside of your head and heart, you know there isn’t any other option for you.

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3. Through thick and thin: You acknowledge all of your significant other’s strengths and weakness and you still love them unconditionally. When your partner makes a bad decision, you don’t criticize them for it. In fact, you know what you have to do in order to build up their self-confidence. Only couples who are truly in love will stand by their companions no matter how good or bad things may get.

How did you know when you found “the one?” Share your experience below.