Cupid's Pulse Article: Ways to Help Single Friends Find a PartnerCupid's Pulse Article: Ways to Help Single Friends Find a Partner

By Leslie Chavez

We all think very highly of our closest girlfriends, so when one of them is single we naturally want to find a partner for them who is just as intelligent, kind, funny, sophisticated and attractive as they are. Although we mean well, sometimes our good-intensions can be misconstrued as offensive and slightly irksome.  As someone who is well acquainted with being set up by happily coupled friends, trust me when I say there are certain ways to go about finding that special mate for your BFF.  So before you get all Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger on me, consider these alternative approaches to helping your friends find romance.

Try a new activity together

Sometimes your friends need your help in yanking them out of their comfort zone. Trying new activities or learning a new skill is a great way to meet guys. Ask her what kind of class she’s always wanted to take but didn’t have the courage to do alone. Maybe a comedy class or surfing lessons, somewhere where there will be plenty of guys around to “help” you and your friend out with that new technique you’ve been learning. This way the pressure is off and your friend can naturally meet a guy who shares some of the same interests as her, all while having a great time practicing a new hobby with you. If she does find someone she is interested in, suggest that you all go out for drinks after class.

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Take control of her online dating profile

If your friend really trusts you and she is comfortable with this, offer to be her online dating advisor. You will be able to give her a different perspective on those online suitors she’s been ignoring. Encourage her to be more open to guys she wouldn’t normally go for; she might not know what she’s been missing. While you’re at it, spruce up her profile. Lauren Ware,’s professional online dating profile writer suggests, getting specific, “ when you want to use an adjective to describe yourself, think of an anecdote or example that shows how you embody that trait.” Grab a bottle of pinot noir and the two of you can turn it into a fun evening of reconnection and reminiscence. Your friend will have a fresh approach to online dating to boot.

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Have a party

Have you had your eye on your athletic co-worker with the curly, brown hair or that blue-eyed barista who greets you every morning, thinking they would be perfect for your friend? Have a party and invite them! This isn’t an episode of The Bachelorette, so don’t start lining up roses for your friend to give away at the end of the night just yet. Take a step back and construct a little plan. You can’t just invite cute guys. Invite everyone; friends from work, neighbors and your single friend of course. When the party is in full swing, casually introduce your friend to her potential date(s) and let the chemistry take care of the rest. But remember, try not to put too much pressure on the connection. If there are no sparks, then you have to let it go. Look at it as a reason to have another party.

Have you helped a single friend find a partner before? Share your experience below.