Cupid's Pulse Article: Get Ready to Celebrate the Holidays with ‘A Madea Christmas’Cupid's Pulse Article: Get Ready to Celebrate the Holidays with ‘A Madea Christmas’

By April Littleton

A small town gets ready for their annual Christmas Carnival as Madea (played by Tyler Perry) gets persuaded by an old friend to help surprise her daughter with a visit over the holidays. Past relationships are put to the test and new secrets are revealed, while Madea celebrates Christmas her way.

Should you see it:

Obviously, you’ll be seeing A Madea Christmas if you’re a Tyler Perry fan. If you’re not familiar with any of his plays or movies, you might know some of the actors/actresses who will appear on the big screen with him (Chad Michael Murray, Tika Sumpter and Eric Lively). You could also go see the film simply because you’re in the Christmas spirit.

Who to take:

Bring a family member along or a couple of friends. You’ll probably end up crying and laughing through the entire movie, so bring someone who can sympathize with both emotions.

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What are some ways to bring a family together for the holidays?

Cupid’s Advice:

You might not be feeling any of the Christmas cheer just yet, especially if you can’t seem to get all of your family on the same page. Are you having trouble getting all of your loved ones involved in the festivities? Cupid has some tips:

1.  Family project: With the holidays vastly approaching, this would be a great time to bring all your loved ones together for a Christmas-related project. Have all of your family members decide on a Christmas tree and decorate it together, or think about doing some secret Santa shopping as a group. Little activities like this will bring all of you closer and help you figure out ways to work as a team.

2. Family dinner: Pick one day out of the week where every member of your family can be free to meet up for dinner. Keep communication open during the meal. Share your feelings and listen when your loved ones want to discuss any important issues or just normal, everyday topics.

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3. Just relax: Trying to plan a big family get together can be very stressed, especially if your loved ones haven’t been in the same room with each other for a long time. Instead of giving yourself anxiety, sit back and let things fall into place. When your family arrives for the holidays, watch television together, have a dance-off competition in your living room or eat ice cream and stay up all night catching up with each other. Christmas isn’t about how much money and time you spend getting everything ready – it’s about family and being thankful for what you have.

What are some other ways to bring a family together for the holidays? Comment below.