Cupid's Pulse Article: Simon Cowell’s Girlfriend Lauren Silverman Is Officially DivorcedCupid's Pulse Article: Simon Cowell’s Girlfriend Lauren Silverman Is Officially Divorced

By Brittany Stubbs

Simon Cowell’s girlfriend and the mother-to-be of his child, Lauren Silverman, finalized her divorce from ex-husband Andrew Silverman in New York Civil Court this Wednesday, PEOPLE confirms. The couple reached an amicable divorce settlement this past August, just one month after the announcement that Silverman was pregnant with Cowell’s child. Cowell has purchased an engagement ring, a source told People in November, and may pop the question over the upcoming holidays.

What do you do if you’re suspicious that your partner is cheating? 

Cupid’s Advice:

Nothing can be more difficult in a relationship than the feeling that your partner is being unfaithful. But before you start snooping through their emails or looking at phone records, take one of these approaches:

1. Get an outsider’s opinion: When you’re doubting your partner’s faithfulness, everything can be seen as confirming your suspicions: they have to work late or they cancelled plans last minute…is this just in your head? Sharing your situation and reasons of doubt with a close friend or family member can often give you assurance if your suspicions are justified, or you’re just being paranoid.

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2. Pay attention to their phone: Do they have a passcode? Do they step out to take calls, text under the table, or take their phone with them to the bathroom? These might be signs that they’re hiding something. Next time you notice your partner’s sketchy phone behavior, ask to see who they’re talking to. Their reaction alone might clue you in.

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3. Surprise them: Catching them off guard is an easy way to catch them in a lie. Maybe this means coming back in town a day earlier than your partner is expecting. Or finding an excuse to stop by their house unexpectedly. Did they say they were grabbing drinks with friends? Maybe you need to make a surprise appearance.

Have you caught someone cheating? Share your experiences below.