Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview with Hair Stylist Chaz Dean: “The Most Important Part is Feeling Sexy”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview with Hair Stylist Chaz Dean: “The Most Important Part is Feeling Sexy”

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Editorial by Kristin Mattern.

Stylist to the stars Chaz Dean has been creating covetable celebrity looks for years. An authority on hair care, Dean began developing his own natural product line called WEN in 1996. After building an A-list clientele, he started Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood where celebs can escape the typical salon products and pestering paparazzi for a calm, rejuvenating experience. With his WEN products as well as the date night tips he shares below, he brings Hollywood style to the masses in our exclusive celebrity interview.

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Celebrity Interview with Chaz Dean

Push your bangs out of your eyes and get ready to see clearly, ladies, because this hairdresser cuts away at the salon facade to reveal the truth about hair care. The way you care for your hair is why you don’t have tresses like Jennifer Aniston’s, but even America’s sweetheart chopped off her locks recently – and it wasn’t just to be trendy. “She cut her hair short because of a bad keratin treatment,” Dean explains. Brazilian blowouts, keratin treatments, and Japanese straighteners are touted as healthy for your hair, but this stylist believes differently. “People think it’s good, and it’s not. It takes such a toll on your hair. Your hair is protein; protein does not need more protein.” He says that added protein makes already dry hair more brittle, causing breakage. If you really want to strengthen your hair, moisture and collagen elements are what you need.

Given his passion for this topic, it’s no surprise that hair foibles were part of Dean’s motivation for creating WEN. Women want soft, touchable hair that also shines with vibrant color. Looking to keep color from fading, the hair alchemist turned to herbal inspiration: “I literally went to my garden and took sage, rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, apple, bananas, and pears and boiled them together in my kitchen,” he explains in our celebrity interview. “It smelled incredible, and when I cleansed my hair with it, the natural astringents paired with antibacterial and moisturizing properties made my hair feel clean and silky.” Dean knew he had discovered the miracle recipe he’d been seeking and wanted to get this product to his customers. After nearly five years of lab work, WEN was born in 2000.

In 2005, the hair stylist started working with QVC. “QVC has been a blessing for me because I get feedback from customers. They all have their opinions, and whether it’s good or bad, you learn and you grow from it,” the client-centered stylist says.“The most important part to me is making people’s life easier by embracing their natural hair’s texture and giving them the hair they’ve dreamed of.” On air, Dean showcases his powerful product; whether you have the kinkiest of curls or baby fine locks, WEN makes hair shiny and buttery smooth.

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Hair Stylist Talks Best Celeb Hair

Celebrities enjoy WEN products at home and trust him to make their hair radiant when they visit his salon. When asked if he had a favorite famous client, Dean candidly responds, “I would say Nicole Murphy because she trusts me to give her the best look.” But when it comes to who has the best hair, he thinks Megan Fox has an enviable mane. “She was doing an interview recently, and she looked gorgeous. Gorgeous! Her hair, I believe, always looks good.” Who wears the short trend best? Isabel Lucas, whose crop he describes as adorable. Christina Aguilera’s hair doesn’t get such a glowing review from the master stylist. “If she doesn’t stop bleaching it to an inch of its life, she’s going to end up having to cut her hair off. Girl, you can have blonde, but it shouldn’t be translucent or yellow.”

Every woman, famous or not, wants beautiful hair that men find attractive. So do you go Rapunzel long or Daisy Buchanan short? “Men want hair that is soft and touchable, hair that they can run their hands through.” The stylist believes only insecure men need their women to have long hair; secure men are fine with women rocking short hair. To really impress your guy, wear a style that makes you feel sexy. If your man tells you how to wear your hair, the hairdresser says to put him in his place: “Tell him that when he grows his hair out, then you’ll do what he wants.”

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A woman’s hairstyle is perhaps most important on her wedding day, and brides often wonder what ‘do is best to say “I do.” Dean suggests being yourself. “Whether you’re a sexy rocker girl, a timid and sweet curly girl, or a wavy girl, bring out that element.” For damage-free curls, the hairdresser advises rolling hair into sponge rollers, misting with WEN Replenishing Treatment Mist, and taking a shower (without getting your hair wet);  by the time you’re done with your makeup, your hair will be set with amazing curls without the damage of a curling iron. Don’t wait until you get hitched to try this style; use this tip for your next night on the town with your sweetie for a sure-to-wow blowout!

Continuing to expand his popular line, WEN products are for the whole family — even Fido! WEN has a pet line that cleanses while repelling ticks and fleas. The kid’s line, nicknamed WEN Sensitive, is allergen-free and perfect for anyone with whey, wheat, gluten, menthol, soy, or nut allergies. The line eventually expanded to include WEN for babies and seasonal varieties like summer honey peach, which Dean calls “heaven in a bottle.” Plus, WEN Men will soon be hitting shelves to address men’s unique hair issues.

WEN will you and your’s be ready to wear amazing hair?

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