Cupid's Pulse Article: Newlywed Jennifer Love Hewitt Welcomes a Baby GirlCupid's Pulse Article: Newlywed Jennifer Love Hewitt Welcomes a Baby Girl

By Brittany Stubbs

The actress and new hubby, Brian Hallisay, welcomed a baby into their family Tuesday, Nov. 26. Hewitt’s rep tells People that they are “thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter Autumn James Hallisay.” The newlyweds had a gender-neutral baby shower, wanting to keep the sex of their baby a surprise. “I’ve always wanted to be a mom,” Hewitt admitted this past September. “I had a great relationship with mine. I’m ready to pass on to my child all the great love that my mom had for me.”

How do you prepare for a baby girl versus a boy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Though every child is their own person, there are certain things to consider when raising baby girls:

1. Think pink: Granted, babies look a lot alike when they’re first born. But no new mother wants to hear someone call her baby girl a boy. One way to avoid this is by having your little girl look the part. Whether this means getting pink clothes or putting big bows on her head, these are little things you can do to make both you and strangers feel more comfortable when commenting on your sweet, baby girl.

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2. Watch what you do and say: Anita Sethi, a psychologist specializing in early education, tells how studies have shown girls are quicker when it comes to imitating, listening, and speaking. So getting in the habit of avoiding curse words, mature gestures, etc. is especially crucial when preparing to have a little girl around.

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3. Don’t limit them to the stereotypical toys: It’s true, most girls grow up loving their dolls and dress up clothes, but allowing them to also play with toys such as Leggos and building blocks can help develop her skills in counting and being able to put things together. Despite what society says, these are skills both sexes need to have.

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What are your thoughts on preparing for a baby girl? Share your thoughts below.