Cupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian Enjoys the Single LifeCupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian Enjoys the Single Life

Kim Kardashian is embracing her new role in life — the single life, reports People.  The reality star says it was difficult to see both her sisters settle down while she chose a more career-oriented path.   Kim Kardashian admits, “I have always been the one in a relationship.  I like that role, I want that best friend partnership.” Today, Kim feels more comfortable being single and has stopped jumping from relationship to relationship.What can you do to embrace the single life while waiting for Mr. Right?

 Cupid’s Advice:

Having time to enjoy and nurture your relationship with yourself is just as important as doing so with a partner:

1. Embrace life: Being single is a great time to focus on other aspects in your life, such as school or your career.  You can throw your heart into new projects without the need to feel guilty.

2. Date yourself: It can be scary to try new things when you’re single, but eating alone at a restaurant (sans cell phone) or going to a movie solo can be very empowering to the single soul.

3. Take time for you: Being single is a time when you can focus on yourself; join the gym, sleep in late, or travel.  This is the time when you don’t have to ask for advice and you have free reign to take on a new hobby.