Cupid's Pulse Article: Seth Rogen Proposes to Girlfriend of Six YearsCupid's Pulse Article: Seth Rogen Proposes to Girlfriend of Six Years

According to Us Weekly, Seth Rogan confirmed his engagement to writer, Lauren Miller, on the series premiere of Conan.  However, as Seth Rogan later revealed to Conan O’Brien, popping the question to his future bride was a bit awkward and unconventional.  After he bought the ring, which he jokingly compared to the ring from The Lord of the Rings, he was so nervous that he decided to propose right away.  Though Seth Rogan’s intentions were romantic, his girlfriend was in the closet changing at the time.  “She was literally only in her underpants and [her chest] was out,” Seth Rogen recalled.  “I’d already kind of started, and I was like ‘Oh man, her [chest is] out!  That’s not part of the plan!’”  Regardless of the circumstances, Lauren Miller accepted.

What should you do when popping the question doesn’t go as planned?

Cupid’s Advice:

Though you may have grown up dreaming about a flawless fairy tale engagement, in reality nothing is perfect.  Cupid has some suggestions on what to do if there’s a mistake:

1. Laugh it off: Laughter is always the best medicine, and chances are that whatever happened to mess up your big moment is probably more funny than tragic.

2. Do it over: Who says you can’t propose a second time, even if it is only a few minutes after the first attempt?

3. Get over it: If for some reason you really can’t laugh off a minor kink in the plan, get over it and just enjoy being in love.