Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating with Dogs: When Your Pet Is a Deal BreakerCupid's Pulse Article: Dating with Dogs: When Your Pet Is a Deal Breaker

By Eric Bittman, CEO/President of Warren London

For my first expert post, I want to consider a common question: What do you do if your pet is a deal breaker? Let’s say you have a two-year-old puppy, and you meet the person of your dreams — and they aren’t a dog person. Do you choose your dog, or do you pursue a relationship with your soul mate? Big dilemma!

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Being a dog owner has changed for the current generation. Keeping your dog outside and tied up to a tree is no longer an option. Now, our dogs sleep next to us in our bed, and some of us spoil them so rotten that they even have their own pillow and blanket. For many pet owners, having a dog can be similar to having a child: You drop them off at daycare; you bathe them regularly; and you take them to the vet for regular checkups.

Trading your puppy love for a new relationship will certainly be difficult, and it’s an issue that you need to clearly communicate to your partner. They need to understand how important your pet is to you and that giving your dog up is not a decision that you take lightly. If you truly want a future together, you both must be willing to compromise.

This question affects everyone differently. Luckily, my wife is a huge dog lover, and we’ll always have multiple dogs in our household. Our two Boston Terriers have been a huge part of our lives for the eight years we’ve been together, and we couldn’t imagine not having them.

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This month, I caught up with Jayde Nicole, former Playmate of the Year and star of The Hills and Holly’s World, to ask her some questions about dating with dogs:

Q: You meet someone who says “I’m not a dog person” or “I don’t like dogs.” Is it over right there?

A: Yes, definitely!

Q: Do you ever feel jealous of your significant other when they’re more into their dog than you?  Or is it attractive?

A: Never happened to me before!

Q: Let’s say your dog eats your partner’s new wallet. What do you do?

A: My dogs would never do anything like that — they’re very well-behaved.

Q: How do you handle it if your dog doesn’t like your new significant other?

A: Most of my dogs hate everyone at first, but they always warm up to people eventually, so I would just give it some time.

Q: You meet someone that insists that his or her dog sleeps in the bed with you. Is that the end of the relationship?

A: All four of my dogs sleep in my bed with me no matter who else is there!

Q: And lastly, Your significant other says hi to the dog before they say hi to you after a long day of work. Do you see it as sweet or just plain rude?

A: Pretty standard — my dogs are so darn cute!

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