Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Help Your Partner Through A CrisisCupid's Pulse Article: How to Help Your Partner Through A Crisis

By Melanie Mar

During any long-term relationship, it’s inevitable that you will eventually experience some form of crisis together. Whether it’s a loss of a job leading to financial difficulties, the passing of a loved one causing immense sadness, or some form of addiction that is creating friction, life is challenging, and the stresses that occur can certainly take a toll. During these times, the only choice you have is to pull together or fall apart. So how can you ensure that, while enduring a conflict, your partnership remains resilient and you strengthen your love as a couple? Below are my top recommendations for supporting your partner through a crisis:

1. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate: I cannot stress enough how important it is to communicate. The art of verbally expressing one’s thoughts and feelings is becoming less frequent as texting and emailing is becoming rampant — to the point of compulsion. This way of relating is not an adequate way of articulating your needs and wants, so keep your “conversations” via typing to an absolute minimum when handling important matters within your relationship.

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2. Pay Attention to Body Language: With 85 percent of communication being non-verbal, it’s important to be aware of your facial expressions, posturing, and gesturing when expressing yourself in conflict. Understanding how the brain works with verbal communication will help you stay focused on the issues you’re trying to resolve. Always talk to your partner from your left lobe, which is used for thinking, acting, and doing. Recognize that your right lobe is responsible for being sensitive and emotional, and know that feelings are non-negotiable and will not assist you in solving your issues in a logical manner.

3. Make Your Commitment Clear: It’s easy to love someone when everything is easy; the true test of strength in your relationship is when times are tough. It’s paramount to let your partner know that you will not abandon them during these rough patches. Understanding your significant other’s needs is crucial when being supportive. When in a crisis, ask them specifically, “What can I do to help us do better?” and determine if there are solutions within your capabilities or if you need to accompany them to see a specialist.

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4. Give Each Other Space: In your efforts to assist your loved one, there may be a period when things become too overwhelming, and both parties agree to take a little time out for the greater good of the relationship. While you’re giving each other space, it’s very important to keep all points of contact open and available. Often times, after having a little solitude, each person can replenish their body and mind to a healthier place and resume communication with a positive attitude.

When a crisis strikes, there is little ability to predict the outcome or prevent the emotional chaos that may ensue. While it’s easier to walk away, ultimately, it’s better to face the problem as a team. Arising from the current conflict provides you with a new sense of love and support that will fortify your relationship, give you a positive outlook, and show you that you can conquer any future issues.

Melanie Mar is a celebrity relationship specialist, matchmaker, and  life coach