Cupid's Pulse Article: DWTS’ Brooke Burke and Boyfriend David Charvet Deny StealingCupid's Pulse Article: DWTS’ Brooke Burke and Boyfriend David Charvet Deny Stealing

Dancing With the Stars host Brooke Burke and boyfriend singer David Charvet are reaching their boiling points over their new kitchen appliances.  The couple has been involved in a complicated criminal and civil case with Euroconcepts appliance store.  David Charvet and about 30 other people have been accused by the store of buying deeply discounted appliances from a former employee of the store, who pocketed the money.  Brooke Burke and David Charvet deny the allegations, and say they purchased their appliances legally.  David Charvet told RadarOnline, “We have Bentleys in the garage.  Why would we need to steal a stove and refrigerator?  That’s such bulls**t.”

How can you deal with legal trouble as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice:

Run-ins with the law can cause serious strain on your relationship.  Cupid has some suggestions:

1. Be open and honest: As soon as problems crop up, spill the truth to your significant other.  Your trust in each other won’t be shaken if surprises come up over the length of the legal battle.

2. Try to keep it separate: Try as hard as you can to not talk about your legal troubles when you’re away from the courtroom.  You’ll keep your problems from overwhelming your lives.

3. Remember what’s important: If you and your partner are involved in legal trouble together, remember that love is more important than a lawsuit.  On the other hand, if it involves a person you’ve been dating for two weeks, you may want to put your sanity and well-being as top priority.