Cupid's Pulse Article: Karina Smirnoff Loves her Celebrity Engagement to Brad PennyCupid's Pulse Article: Karina Smirnoff Loves her Celebrity Engagement to Brad Penny

As confirmed by Us Weekly, Dancing with the Stars’ vixen, Karina Smirnoff, is currently in the market for something borrowed, something new, and something blue! Smirnoff has been creating celebrity news showing off her new celebrity engagement ring at TAO’s fifth anniversary party in Las Vegas.  The dancer says her celebrity engagement to baseball player, Brad Penny, was a complete surprise.  “I was in the middle of the show and had no clue what was cooking behind my back.  The dinner meeting was set up at a restaurant in Malibu.  When [my manager and I] got there, it was completely empty.  She excused herself to take a call and while I was sitting there alone, Brad came in,” said Smirnoff.  “I had crazy hair and black lipstick on and was just concerned about looking like the Bride of Frankenstein.  Even after Brad got down to one knee and opened the box with the ring, it still didn’t register.”

Smirnoff is happy about her celebrity engagement and excited to share her great news. What are some unique ways to announce your engagement?

Cupid’s Advice:

Everyone wants to be the first to make an exciting announcement. When it comes to an engagement, either yours or that of someone close to you, it’s everyone’s instinct to want to shout it from the rooftops.  However, Cupid has some more creative ways to make the big announcement:

1. Tweet it: Online, information spreads virally.  The moment it happens, share your good news with your nearest and dearest on the web in real time.  Expect tons of comments and retweets.  You can even tweet pictures of the ring!  Something as little as changing your relationship status on Facebook from ‘In a Relationship’ to ‘Engaged’ is bound to grab some attention as well.

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2. Throw a party: Parties are great for any occasion and are the perfect setting to make your first toast as an engaged couple.  You may want to do a theme party that references a milestone in your relationship and love or have it where you first met.

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3. Take over the holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas happen every year, but an engagement is far more rare.  When you’re with friends and family this holiday season, steal the spotlight away from the Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas gifts by announcing your engagement.

How did you announce your engagement? Share below!