Cupid's Pulse Article: How Fighting Can Strengthen Your RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: How Fighting Can Strengthen Your Relationship

By Gabby Robles

Whenever you fight, you might feel as if this is it — relationship over. But you shouldn’t always feel that way. Sure, fighting can come off as negative thing, but you don’t always have to see it that way. In fact, you should see fighting as a way to bring strength to your relationship. If approached in the correct manor, it’s a way to work things out.  See how fighting can actually strengthen your relationship:

1. It’s normal: The couple that “never fights” isn’t as healthy and happy as you think. It’s absolutely normal to argue with your man sometimes — you’re both human! Conflict paves the way for you both to grow as a team.  Take advantage of it. When you keep quiet about things that are bothering you, not only are you avoiding conflict, but you are keeping yourself closeted. You’re not letting your boo see the real you, and that will eventually lead to resentment or worse: a huge explosion of emotions somewhere down the line and believe me, it will not be pretty.

2. It gives you a chance to talk: Talking it out will give you an opportunity to let your partner know how you’re feeling. When you express your feelings, you can give your man insight to how you want to continue going about a particular situation. When you listen to each other, you understand the other’s priorities and needs better. That puts you in the perfect position to make your partner happy, thus making yourself happy.

3. It gives you closure: If you’re able to talk out a problem or conflict together appropriately, you will be able to leave it behind. It won’t bother you, it won’t consume your thoughts for months on end. The argument will end, and that will be it. There’s no need to rehash old issues between you two, and you’ll feel that way even more if you both resolve a problem effectively.

Don’t think every fight is going to be “the end.” Remind yourself that you’re both happy and that conflict is healthy. It will relieve you of over-stressing yourself and will release the pressure that you might have to make your relationship “perfect.” The only perfect relationship is a happy one, so as long as you both continue to wake up and be happy that you’re with your partner, then you are in the perfect relationship.

What are some other ways fighting can actually help your relationship? Share your ideas below.