Cupid's Pulse Article: 10 Blind Date Etiquette RulesCupid's Pulse Article: 10 Blind Date Etiquette Rules

By Whitney Johnson

As tricky as it is to navigate the dating world, a new type of pressure is added to the meet-up when it’s a blind date. It may be the first step to finding lasting love, or it may be the worst date of your life. Even so, everyone should experience a blind date at least once. You’re sure to learn something about yourself and what you want in a mate. Read on for 10 blind date etiquette rules to keep in mind before getting together with your mystery man:

1. Don’t drag your feet. Rather than postponing the date or holding off on meeting for a few weeks, schedule a get-together as close to the initial fix-up as possible. “The longer you have to exchange digital communication, the longer you’ll have to create a fantasy that this date will be the perfect mate,” says author and relationship expert Dr. Wendy Walsh.

2. Keep your expectations in check. It’s natural to have some hopes or doubts about the date, but keep an open mind. Even if you have an instant connection, there’s bound to be an awkward moment or two. Dr. Walsh adds, “Creating a build-up, site unseen, can set you up for a big crash.”

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3. Ask your matchmaker for details. Don’t hesitate to ask the friend who set you up for intel about your date. If you’re lucky, you can get an idea of what type of guy he is and what type of girls he’s dated in the past. Plus, you can identify a few common interests to keep in mind when conversation grows quiet.

4. Dress like a lady. Since a blind date eliminates the usual pre-dating process, it’s particularly imperative that you make a great first impression. When he first lays eyes on you, he won’t be seeing your charming personality or quick wit. He’ll only be noticing what you’re wearing, so keep it classy. Save your distress (but very trendy) jean jacket or fanciful headband for next time.

5. Come prepared. As Dr. Walsh explains, “In these days of gender equality, it’s perfectly acceptable to bring your own car and your own money to a blind date.” It’s also the best way to keep yourself safe, as you want to have an easy exit strategy in case you feel threatened or in danger.

6. Be your best self. “You could be auditioning for the most important role of your life: being the companion to an incredible person,” reminds online dating expert Julie Spira. If you’re the right match for your date, you won’t need to lie about who you are or even try to impress him. He’ll like you for you.

7. Don’t expect immediate chemistry. “It takes time to get to know someone, and relationships need to go through all seasons before you sign up for the long-term,” says Spira. Also remember that your date may be nervous, so “if you aren’t feeling it right away, give him a second chance.”

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8. Keep the conversation light. “Just because you know someone in common doesn’t mean you need to kiss-and-tell or spend the entire date talking about your past history,” cautions Spira. “Ration your information flow.” Sticking to surface-level topics will also keep him wanting more — you can tackle the heavier stuff on a fourth or fifth date.

9. Never walk away. No matter how poorly the date is going, it’s never an excuse to be rude. Even if you see no future with this man, you can survive a few hours of harmless chit-chat. Plus, as Spira points out, “Even if there’s no chemistry, your date might have a friend to introduce you to, know of a business opportunity for you, or just be a great guy to have in your life.”

10. Be honest. At the end of the date, tell the truth when it comes to your feelings. There’s no reason to string someone along if you have no interest in seeing him again. If you’d love to get together again, don’t be shy! No matter what, be gracious as you say goodbye and know that there’s someone out there for you, even if this guy’s not The One.

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