Cupid's Pulse Article: LeAnn Rimes Has No Regrets About Affair with Eddie CibrianCupid's Pulse Article: LeAnn Rimes Has No Regrets About Affair with Eddie Cibrian

After meeting on the set of the Lifetime movie Northern Lights last year, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian began an off-camera affair when they were both still married to other people.  In a recent article in US Weekly, the country queen revealed that what happened with Eddie Cibrian is not who she is, but she refuses to live with regrets.  “It happens every day to so many people,” said LeAnn Rimes.  “And if I take away my album sales, my words … you have just another couple.  You had two couples whose marriages didn’t work who really stumbled upon each other and fell in love.”

Is an affair okay if it’s in the name of love?

Cupid’s Advice:

Though some couples are able to work it out after an affair, most of the time an affair marks the end of a relationship.  Though you have every right to fall in love with someone else, try to be fair to your partner and end your current relationship before you start a new one.   Here are some things to consider:

1. Honesty is the best policy: If you have true feelings for someone else that are starting to prevail over the feelings you have for your current partner, it’s time to end the relationship before someone gets hurt.

2. Forbidden love: The secrecy that is often behind an affair can add some much-missed excitement to your love life.  Make sure you have true feelings for your new lover and aren’t just getting caught up in the excitement of it all.

3. We all make mistakes: It’s only human to follow your heart instead of your mind, especially when it comes to love.  If you do slip up, don’t be too hard on yourself, but make sure to come clean to those you care about.