Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Boy Meets World’ Star Rider Strong Ties the KnotCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Boy Meets World’ Star Rider Strong Ties the Knot

By Gabby Robles

This Sunday, Boy Meets World cutie Rider Strong was wed to Alexandra Barreto in Oregon, according to People. “I’m incredibly lucky to be getting married to my best friend and partner-in-crime,” Strong, who used to play Shawn Hunter on the ABC sitcom, released in a statement. The couple became engaged a little before Christmas. Beneath the redwood trees of his childhood home in Northern California, Strong proposed in a downpour with a ring he made himself — very romantic!

What are some ways to make your proposal unforgettable?

Cupid’s Advice:

Asking someone to marry you is a very big deal. You want to make sure everything is perfect so that your honey is surprised, the moment is magical, and the proposal is memorable. A way to ensure that your proposal is unforgettable is to go the extra mile and treat it like the monumental life moment that it is — for both of you. So if you’re trying to figure out how to make your engagement special, have no fear, Cupid is here:

1. Plan something that you’ll both love: This is about the both of you. Make sure that this day becomes something that you’re both going to look back together and say, “Wow, that was so us!” When you personalize things for the both of you, you’ll have a great result with an even greater reaction.

2. Go the extra mile: If there were ever a time to go all out on something, now would be it! Don’t take your engagement lightly and plan this whole-heartedly. Spend the extra time and money. Look into all the options you’re seriously considering. Don’t just wing it — that won’t be too memorable!

3. Think what you would want to tell your children: You don’t need to make the ring yourself, but it’s nice to have something that will really impact the proposal significantly. It doesn’t hurt to look up how others have proposed to their partners. Just get some ideas, become inspired, and make it your own. You’re definitely going to want this to be a story that you tell for decades to come!

How did you make your proposal unforgettable? Share in the comments below!