Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Body Language of Liars’: Dr. Lillian Glass on Spotting Pretty Little LiarsCupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Body Language of Liars’: Dr. Lillian Glass on Spotting Pretty Little Liars

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Editorial by Kristin Mattern.

Respected body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass is a professional when it comes to reading through the lies people tell and discovering the truth hidden in their non-verbal movements. She has lectured on body language and deception at the FBI and has been a jury consultant, expert witness, and mediator. Already an author of over a dozen books, The Body Language of Liars, which comes out today, proves to be the one of the juiciest. The book focuses on photographs of celebrities like Bill Clinton, Lance Armstrong, Kim Kardashian, and Lindsay Lohan, and Dr. Glass uses her skills to reveal the moments in which these famous individuals lied to their adoring public.

Dr. Glass also teaches her readers how to pick up on signals of deception. Analyze the body language of divorced couples like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to see how they’re really feeling about each other. Plus, she provides the eight reasons why adults lie and tells you how to spot liars by looking at facial expressions, voice tone, speech content, and more. The author chatted with in an exclusive interview and dished insider info on how to see through lying eyes and false statements.

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Tell us: Why do people lie?

People want to make themselves look better in the eyes of another person. So they lie that they went to this party or that they met this person. People also lie to manipulate for bad reasons, to really do harm to other people. When you look at lying, it’s not really a bad thing — nature even lies! If you look at cats when they sense an enemy, they puff out their fur to make themselves look bigger and more powerful. You see? That’s lying.

What are some of the signs of lying?

Well, there are four dimensions. You can’t just look at one part of the elephant — you have to look at the body movement, the facial movement, the tone of voice, and the context. All of that together is what tells you if someone is lying or not. For instance, if I scratched my nose right now, that doesn’t mean I’m lying. But if we were supposed to have a lunch date, and you saw me at another restaurant, even though I had told you I wasn’t feeling well, you busted me. If I scratched my nose while I was telling you my excuses, you know I’m lying because of the situation.

Should you listen to your gut reaction when it comes to someone else lying?

Yes. Your instincts kick in, and you know that you know what you know. You just don’t want to believe it most of the time. For instance, when you watch the news and a celebrity you love comes on, you may see that they’re lying. Because you don’t want to see it, you continue blindly doing what you do.

It’s the same in relationships, but the key is to observe what is, not what you want it to be. You can’t be in denial. Your gut knows. There is a thing in your brain that’s called the limpic system, and primitive men had it because they lived in a fight or flight world. Now what happens is other emotions come out. Whether it’s anxiety, fear, or happiness, that reaction causes your muscles to move in a certain way. That’s how body language happens; that’s why the body doesn’t lie.

Speaking of relationships, what are some signs that someone’s in love?

First, they’re going to lean towards you. You’ll see their toes will be pointed right at you too. When I did celebrity analysis for different magazines and saw a couple whose feet weren’t facing each other, I knew it was o-ver. Second, they’re going to breathe differently, so the sides of the nose will flare a little bit more, but you’ll also see a change in their breathing pattern. And third, you’ll hear a softer voice tone.

What body language should a girl look for if she thinks her significant other is going to break up with her? 

Usually, he doesn’t have as much time for you. His tone of voice changes too — he’s more monotonous in his speech patterns. He also has an edge to him, an attitude you’ve never seen.

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Anything else you want to share with our readers?

The message is really you’ve got to put your game on now. This is a new world, a new way to live, and with technology, if you don’t know how to spot deception, then you’re done. You won’t succeed in your professional life, in your personal life, in your family life. If you understand how to read people, especially if they’re telling the truth or not, it’s going to save you money, heartache, and so much more. You’re going to gain a lot as well.

The Body Langauge of Liars is available today. To find out more about Dr. Glass, visit her website or connect with her on and Twitter @drlillianglass.