Cupid's Pulse Article: Chad Kroeger Says Wife Avril Lavigne Is an ‘Amazing Cook’Cupid's Pulse Article: Chad Kroeger Says Wife Avril Lavigne Is an ‘Amazing Cook’

By Kristyn Schwiep

Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne are still happy in love after being married for 94 days.  Nickelback singer Kroeger told People that Lavigne is an amazing cook and has never tasted one bad thing. Kroeger told People a valuable lesson he has learned about marriage: “Happy wife, happy life,” he even lets her pick what  movies they watch together.

How do you decide how to split up domestic duties when you live together?

Cupid’s Advice:

Living you live with your partner can turn you into the designated chef, dishwasher or spider killer.  So how do you decide on how you split up the domestic duties? Cupid has some advice for you:

1. Make a list: Sit down with your partner and discuss what needs to be done in your house including dishes, cooking, sweeping, etc.  Once you figure out what needs to be done and how often, make a chart and print it so you can keep organized around the house.

2. Divvy the duties: If you can’t decide on what domestic duty each of you should be in charge of try turning it into a game.  Grab a coin and play coin toss, the winner gets to decide what chore he or she/wants to do and continue doing this until all the chores are set.  This keeps it fun and you get the job done.

3. Stick to what you know: Some people like cleaning and cooking and others enjoy killing spiders and fixing broken appliances.  If you and your partner can agree on what works best in your relationship then stick to what you know.  Also, take the time to help each other it will remind you why you are living together in the first place.

How do you split up domestic duties with your partner? Share your stories below.