Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Date Outside the Box in NYCCupid's Pulse Article: How to Date Outside the Box in NYC

By Daniel Brown from Date Valet

Dating in NYC can be a minefield. Getting a date is hard enough these days, but then you have to come up with something fun and romantic to do. The most common New York Date ideas typically involve the movies and a drink or a meal. Going out for a nice meal at one of the most romantic restaurants NYC has to offer is a good date idea. However, it should be tied in with something a little more unique if you want to make the best first impression.

Consider unusual date times

Thinking outside the box doesn’t have to just be about the date activity; it can also be relevant in terms of date times too. Friday and Saturday nights tend to be the most popular option when it comes to date night. This is because you and your date are both typically working a 9-5 job and the weekends are the only time you have available. Changing the time of the date can drastically alter the experience. This is easier to do if you’re self-employed. However you could also take a day off if you’re due a holiday at work. Make it an all-day date if you can.

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Take a mini vacation

As NY dates go, you can’t get more unique than a mini vacation. Surprise your date by whisking them away for a weekend. Now obviously if you’ve only just met them this may seem a little forward. However, providing you book separate rooms and you are respectful of their personal space; this date idea can really help you to make a fantastic first impression. It will be a date that you’ll both never forget.

Opt for a cultural experience

If you’re both interested in art and culture, why not arrange a museum or art gallery date? You can do this during the day and many museums are actually free to enter. This is great news if you’re on a budget. You can impress your date without having to spend a fortune. New York is a fantastic cultural hub with plenty to see and do.

Treat them to a Broadway show

New York is the birthplace of Broadway. It may not be the most ‘out there’ date idea, but it’s certainly one of the best. It’s entertaining and more cultural than heading to the movies. It’s also something you can both talk about afterwards. Wrap the evening up by taking her to one of the most romantic restaurants in NYC.

Take them on a romantic picnic

It’s hard to escape the hustle and bustle of New York life. It may be one of the best cities in the world, but sometimes it’s nice to take a little time out. Pack a romantic picnic and head out to one of the many amazing parks in and around the city. A picnic is definitely one of the best New York date ideas. It allows you to enjoy delicious food as you really get to know your date. You don’t have to compete with the noise of the city. It’s just you, your date and nature; nothing could be more romantic.

Book an experience day

If you really want to treat your date to an unforgettable experience then an experience day could be the ideal option. These are usually adrenaline based activities such as hot air balloon rides, flying and track days. However, there are also spa experiences and wildlife encounters you can book. These unique activities will help you to have a great time on your date, provide you with a great topic of conversation and it’s also something they’ll never forget.

Try to get a feel for what type of activities they will likely enjoy before you book. If you book a tandem skydive and they’re scared of heights it could prove to be memorable for all of the wrong reasons!

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Cook together

Going out to a fancy restaurant can be romantic, but so can cooking together! Pick your date up and head to the supermarket. Shopping for groceries may not sound like the great start to a date but you’d be surprised. It provides you with a casual location where you will both feel at ease. You can then go back to the comfort of your home and cook a nice meal together. As you prepare the ingredients, you’ll get to bond and get to really know each other. It’s even recommended that long term couples cook together in order to bring the romance back into their relationship.

Overall there are so many things you can do on a date. Try to be as imaginative as possible. Think about what your date likes and what type of activities they prefer. Making it personal will ensure you have the best NY date.

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