Cupid's Pulse Article: Bill Rancic Says Baby Son Duke Is ‘Babbling’Cupid's Pulse Article: Bill Rancic Says Baby Son Duke Is ‘Babbling’

By Priyanka Singh

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently interviewed Giuliana and Bill reality star, Bill Rancic, about life at home with wife Giuliana and son Duke, and the family’s upcoming holiday plans. The couple, who just celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary with a “low-key” night in NYC, are working with their surrogate Daphne to have another child. As Rancic explains, “We are still working with her on that and are making sure that that’s the right direction to keep going. Hopefully, we will have some good news soon.”

Read on for more of the Chicago businessman’s interview!

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CBS: How do you juggle fatherhood, working in Chicago, running a production company and doing your reality show?

BR: “We bring Duke with us. He comes to work with me and he also comes on my training runs with me. I’ve got this great jogging stroller and he loves going out there and logging the miles with me. We make it work and, at the end of the day, our son is our number one priority. Everything else comes after him and we make sure that he is taken care of and happy. Our goal is to spend as much time with him as we can and that’s what we do. We slowed down a lot in other areas.”

CBS: Now that Duke is 1 — has he reached any milestones?

BR: “He is babbling a lot and starting to walk a little bit. He hangs onto things while walking. His personality is definitely showing through, which is great. He’s got a great disposition and is always laughing and smiling. He loves hanging out with me, which is a lot of fun.”

CBS: Congrats on your 6th year wedding anniversary — did you and Giuliana do anything special on the date?

BR: “We went to a restaurant in New York that is owned by a friend of ours. We had a nice time. It was a very low-key, easy night and we went to bed early.”

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CBS: Do you have any fun Halloween plans for Duke this year?

BR: “That’s Giuliana. She is big into the holidays and things like that. She is already planning out his Halloween costume, so stay tuned!” [laughs]

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