Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Take a Charity WalkCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Take a Charity Walk

By Gabby Robles

Charity walks are perfect for this time of year. The sun shines brightly, and the air is a bit cool, so being outside is particularly enjoyable. Throw on a pair of leggings and a sweater (or a t-shirt if your hometown allows) and grab your man for the walk!

Finding a charity walk is simple. If one of your Facebook friends isn’t posting about it, check out local listings on your own. If you live in New York City (or nearby), why not do the Parkinson’s Unity Walk? If you’re in the Los Angeles area, look into the Relay For Life walk.

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If you want to choose a cause that’s close to your heart , search for events related to that cause and see if there’s a walk going on. For instance, runs that fund breast cancer, leukemia, and poverty are pretty common everywhere. The two of you can talk about what charities are important to you. Make it a real discussion; this conversation is the chance to deepen your bond. Plus, it’ll open you both up to each other.

Doing a charity walk not only promotes and helps out the charity, but it’s a great way to do a fun workout with your sweetheart. Usually, these walks are at least a 5K, so you’ll be able to replace that day’s gym time. Even if you opt to walk rather than run, as many people do, you can have some alone time with your guy while simultaneously making some new pals by talking to those around you.

Or invite your own friends and family! This is a great opportunity to get close to your guy’s loved ones or vice versa.

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One of the best parts of this date? The aftermath. Since most walks take place during the early morning, you can stop at a your favorite diner or a nearby restaurant for a delicious brunch. As long as you have a charitable mind, you’ll have a great day with your date!

Tell us: Have you ever done a charity walk with your man?