Cupid's Pulse Article: Scott Disick Befriends Old AdversariesCupid's Pulse Article: Scott Disick Befriends Old Adversaries

Kourtney Kardashian’s beau Scott Disick is known for his temper, but as of last week, the new father seems to be making changes.  Disick, 27, has frequently been caught badmouthing Kim Kardashian’s best pal, Spin Crowd star Jonathan Cheeban.  At a country club in New Jersey last month, Disick was overheard “…talking sh** about [Cheeban] real bad,” revealed a source.  Disick claimed that Cheeban would be nobody without him.  The source assured RadarOnline, “Cheeban is a good guy and has turned the other cheek.”  Despite their differences, the two seemed friendly at Ciara’s birthday bash in Manhattan.  Says the source, “They seemed to be getting along great and even grabbed dinner together after the event.”How can you be friends with your partner’s pals?

Cupid’s Advice:

Though you should always try to be friendly, rules about befriending your beau’s buddies have always been a bit unclear.  Here a few tips to keep the friendships involved (and your relationship) healthy:

1. Make your beau your priority: While it’s great to make new friends, you need to make sure that your partner isn’t feeling left out.  Your mate is your number one priority.  Don’t become better friends with his buds than with him!

2. Don’t get too friendly: While your partner will love to see you branching out and having a good time, jealousy may not be too far around the corner.  Make sure your new relationships with his pals are (and appear to be) completely platonic.  There’s no need for silly drama!

3. Be cautious: It may seem like you’re becoming good friends with your beau’s buds, but you need to be a little cautious of how much you say around them.  Their loyalty ultimately lies with your beau, and they will probably spill some of the things you reveal to them.