Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Trademarks Offer Dating Advice for SinglesCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Trademarks Offer Dating Advice for Singles

By Laurie Davis, Founder of eFlirt Expert and eFlirt Expert VIP

We’ve all heard the line “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”  Now, some of the biggest celebrities in the business are proving that your best physical assets mean everything.  To many of them, that’s several million.  Hollywood’s finest are getting their vital parts insured — the physical attributes that give them star power — and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these body parts are often the things that we’re most attracted to in the opposite sex.  Whether on the silver screen or at the local watering hole, your trademark asset sets you apart for all of the other singles out there.  Simply showing off your physical assets can help you snag that cutie sans cheesy pick-up lines.  Celebrities have proved that our flirting assets can literally be one in a million.  So, just how much are we talking?

Jennifer Lopez insured her booty for $27M.  Heidi Klum’s legs are worth $2.2M.  Tom Jones’ chest hair is insured for a cool $7M.  Frankie Jakeman, the British male stripper, insured his …. well, you know … for $1.6M.  Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburg Steelers had his hair insured for $1M by Head & Shoulders.  Dolly Parton’s chest is worth $300,000 per breast.  And, Aquafresh White Strips insured America Ferrera’s teeth for $10M.

Some of these celebrities have literally made entire careers by paying attention to their strengths and flaunting it, so the bottom line is: you need to know what physically sets you apart when a match meets you!  Which of your attributes do you enjoy the most?  Playing up your trademark while you’re flirting, whether it’s shaking your derriere on the dance floor or flashing your pearly whites from across the room, will help get your crush’s attention.  If you’re having trouble identifying that stand-out trait, ask your friends for some insight.  Also, small enhancements can go a long way, too.  If your eyes are your trademark, work on getting that perfect, natural makeup look that makes your lashes longer and eyes bigger.

But, now that our lives have gone digital and so much technology is involved in our day-to-day, you have digital flirting assets as well.  Some singles spend all day on Facebook and others are addicted to announcing their every move on Foursquare.  While celebrities aren’t insuring their thumbs yet, they are certainly following suit.  Ashton Kutcher is a Twitter-aholic.  Steve Jobs is the king of apps.  And everyone has a digital trademark, just like they have a physical one.  Knowing what you got and how to flaunt it online will up your eFlirting game instantly.  By determining where you enjoy your time online, you can structure your digital life to put yourself in the right virtual opportunity to meet matches.

The key is to make your online life work for you, not against you.  For example, if you know that you are better with real-time flirting than you are over email banter, try to catch your crush on instant messenger whether you’re communicating on Facebook or   iPhone addicts who are always out and about might have a blast meeting matches via location-based dating apps like Meet Moi or Skout.  If your best digital assets are photos, flaunt them in front of your matches on DailyBooth or Zoosk.

Using the right platform is half the battle and the other half is using the right language that allows your personality to jump off the virtual page.  You want to sound like you would in person, but enhanced for the online black and white text.  Exclamation points help send energy through the computer screen, terms of endearment used at the perfect moment can make things more personal and emoticons can show excitement.  So whether you’re injecting a darlin’ into conversation or ending a sentence with a wink, know what will speak to your personality while resonating digitally with your potential dates.

Remember, your best assets are all right there in front of you, whether it’s in the mirror or the computer screen.  So if you got it, flaunt it!