Cupid's Pulse Article: Eliminate Stiletto Suffering While ‘Still Standing’ and Staying True to Your Inner FashionistaCupid's Pulse Article: Eliminate Stiletto Suffering While ‘Still Standing’ and Staying True to Your Inner Fashionista

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By Kristin Mattern

Every girl loves her shoes, especially those sky-high heels that give any outfit an instant boost, not to mention an extra thrust of confidence; which comes in handy when trying to dress to impress for a hot date. Sadly, after the initial rush of pleasure from putting on those high-heeled beauties, you can’t escape the inevitable pain that comes from standing, walking, or dancing in your stilettos – until now! With Still Standing gel spray, you can wear your favorite pair of shoes without the pain and strut your glamorous stuff all day and into date night!

Founder Lyn Butler was very familiar with the discomfort that stylish heels can cause. From going barefoot under her desk at work to trying gel inserts and carrying fold up flats in her purse, she was in search of a solution. She knew the real problem was that the high heel shifts feet into an unnatural position, pushing them forward into the top of the shoe. This balancing act is an equation for hot, puffy, and irritated feet — something Butler has labeled “Stiletto Suffering” — and as time goes by, the situation only gets worse. Rather then try to get around the problem, she took it head on and decided to try to create a topical formula that would keep feet feeling cool, fresh, and comfortable under duress. And so, Still Standing was born.

Fashionistas everywhere rejoice! Still Standing is true to its word and delivers comfort that lasts up to four hours–perfect for a long set of dancing with your sweetie in the club, or walking the bar strip hand in hand. Utilizing a mix of natural remedies for inflammation and pain, including arnica and aloe, as well as cooling menthol, Still Standing provides temporary relief from the discomfort of your favorite shoes. Now, you can go out on date night in style without worrying that your feet will be throbbing with pain louder than the throb of your heart!

We at tested it out for ourselves, and after several hours of parading around the office followed by a night on the town, Still Standing lived up to its word. Some of the girls even took it with them for their evening out with their man. They reported that their feet had never felt more comfortable in their high-heels, allowing them to spend more time concentrating on that good night kiss and less time thinking about the growing ache caused by their shoes. The clear and fast-drying formula allowed us to spray the calming formula and, after just a minute, immediately put our shoes on. Having your feet smell faintly of menthol is a bit odd, but luckily, the smell wears off quickly thanks to the rapid evaporation technology of the spray. Plus, the calming feeling is worth that moment of minty toes.

While Still Standing does wear off and the effects vary person-to-person, the convenient, purse size bottle allowed us to take Still Standing with us. The spray can be used up to four times in a day, and we found that when we sprayed our feet before going out and in the middle of the night, we never had the urge to remove our heels to hit the dance floor or even on the car ride home! Plus, you can spray Still Standing right over stockings because it is so light and quick drying, making it simple and easy to use while out with your guy — without him noticing. What a difference Still Standing made! This unique spray is a must-have for anyone who loves fashion and enjoys wearing heels either to the office, on date night, or both. loves Still Standing so much that we’re giving away two bottles of the spray. Plus, we’re offering 5 dollars off with discount code CUPID through November 30th.

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Congratulations to Bari Rubin!

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