Cupid's Pulse Article: EXCLUSIVE: Kathy Hilton Gives Her Top Tips on Holiday Party PlanningCupid's Pulse Article: EXCLUSIVE: Kathy Hilton Gives Her Top Tips on Holiday Party Planning

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Editorial by Sarah Ribeiro.

Kathy Hilton is arguably one of the most glamorous and fabulous hostesses out there. As she explained to in the past, her priorities lie with family and love — but her success in entertaining has made her incredibly popular. With the holiday season quickly approaching, we spoke to the socialite about her party planning skills.

Here are Hilton’s top tips for entertaining your friends and family during the holidays:

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1. Do a buffet: Buffets give your guests an extra chance to mingle and meet each other. The designer, mother, and businesswoman suggests playing some light music and allowing guests to serve themselves to set a casual, informal mood. “Introduce people,” she says. “Don’t assume everyone knows each other. If your guests are comfortable, then you’ll be comfortable.”

2. Be mindful: Not all of your guests may get along, so it’s important that you seat people based on their personal links. “There may be people at your party that aren’t speaking,” explains the prime hostess. “You have to be aware of that. Everybody likes to have a place to go. Seat interesting people that will have something in common with each other next to each other. Mix things up too. If you have a shy friend, seat them next to someone that can talk to a wall. But be sure to group friends together — I don’t like to put people among a group that’s composed entirely of strangers. Make it a mixture of old friends and new friends-to-be.”

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3. Be prepared: Remember that anything could happen. Hilton suggests that you prepare for every situation. “I stop by the convenience store and make baskets to place in the gathering room and in the bathroom,” she reveals. “You can fill it with feminine products, band-aids, safety pins, crazy glue, aspirin — anything that someone could possibly need. There’s always that one friend that needs something, and you want to be able to help them out without thinking. This tip extends beyond party planning too — Hilton keeps a basket like this one in her guest bedroom at all times.

If you follow these three tips, “you can enjoy yourself without having to worry or stress out,” according to the Hilton family matriarch. Happy party planning!

Hilton currently manages her fashion line, The Kathy Hilton Collection, while assisting in philanthropic ventures, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Check her out on Twitter @KathyHilton and for more.