Cupid's Pulse Article: Rumors Confirmed: Mariah Carey is Pregnant!Cupid's Pulse Article: Rumors Confirmed: Mariah Carey is Pregnant!

It’s time to finally set the record straight: Mariah Carey is pregnant!  People reports that after months of relentless media speculation, the 41-year-old singer has revealed that she and husband Nick Cannon, 30, are expecting.  Carey told Access Hollywood, “It’s been a long journey.  It’s been tough because I’ve been trying to hold on to a shred of privacy.”  After Cannon joined his wife in the interview, the couple revealed that they were especially secretive about this pregnancy because of a miscarriage two years ago.  Cannon said, “It strengthened our relationship so much … She handled it so well.”  Cannon seemed ecstatic about the new baby, adding, “The greatest gift on earth is a child.”

When and how should you tell your mate about your pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Baby news is always exciting (and sometimes unexpected), so make sure you tell your partner in the right way.  Cupid has some ideas on when and how to break the news:

1. Wait until you’re certain: If your period is only a couple days late, wait it out.  Unless you want to take the pregnancy test together, don’t tell him until you are absolutely sure you’re pregnant.  False hopes are never a good thing.

2. Tell him at the right time: Don’t bring it up in the midst of a fight.  Wait until he’s in a good mood and you have his full attention to avoid a bad reaction.  Plus, this is a time you want to remember fondly!

3. Have some fun: Why not pick a creative way to tell him?  Try buying some baby socks (they’re small and easy to hide) and slip them into his pocket before he goes to work.  You should expect an elated call in a couple of hours!