Cupid's Pulse Article: Robyn Lively Recreated ‘Teen Witch’ Dance at Blake Lively’s WeddingCupid's Pulse Article: Robyn Lively Recreated ‘Teen Witch’ Dance at Blake Lively’s Wedding

By Gabriela Robles

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s secret wedding on September 9, 2012 was full of surprises and shockers. What could be so surprising at a secret wedding, you might ask? According to Robyn Lively, Blake’s older sister best known for being the lead in Teen Witch, a 1989 teen comedy-fantasy, added some ‘80s fun for the wedding: The Teen Witch dance!

What are some surprise elements you can add to your wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

You want your wedding to be special, something that people will remember. But sometimes everyone has the same idea as to what “unique” is. So how can you make your big day kick butt in the unforgettable department? Cupid has some ideas for you:

1. Get some inspiration: It doesn’t hurt to use Google or Pinterest for this. You might want to see what some other people accomplished at their wedding to get some ideas. Just make sure you put your own spin on things — you don’t want to take the exact idea from another wedding!

2. Make sure it represents the both of you: Just because you think it’ll “wow” the crowd, doesn’t mean you should necessarily do it. You want to make sure that this symbolizes something has to do with the both of you as a couple. Brainstorm some ideas together and you’ll definitely come up with something that is “so you guys.”

3. Ask some family and friends for help: You might want something that requires more than two people. Sometimes this makes things even more fun! If you have an idea but aren’t sure how to put it to action — ask for help. Making it a group project can sometimes bring the excitement even more!

What are some ways that you added surprise elements into your wedding?  Tell us in the comments below!