Cupid's Pulse Article: Find Out About Liam Hemsworth Post-Miley Cyrus Hookup with Eliza GonzalezCupid's Pulse Article: Find Out About Liam Hemsworth Post-Miley Cyrus Hookup with Eliza Gonzalez

By Gabriela Robles

According to, Liam Hemsworth changed up recent-ex Miley Cyrus for Mexican singer/actress Eiza Gonzalez. Gonzalez was put into the limelight two days before Cyrus and Hemsworth told the public that they were calling their engagement off. The two were photographed this week in Las Vegas together.

What are some ways to move on after a bitter breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

Breakups are hard, especially if your ex moves on quicker than you do.  Sometimes people need a distraction for themselves get away from the hurt that they feel because of the split. Other times, the guy’s just a jerk. It might be difficult to get through this time and still remain positive. Cupid has some advice:

1. Do for yourself: You need to focus on yourself now. Don’t worry about who hurt you. Don’t question yourself. Work hard to make yourself better, not for him but for you. Once you start taking care of yourself in all aspects of life, you’ll attract the people that will make you happier and more successful.

2. Keep your head up: Know that you’re a catch, even if you don’t feel like one. Remind yourself that you’re a hard-worker, a gorgeous person, and have big things ahead of you. If you keep this in mind, you won’t worry about what anyone else thinks — especially not your ex.

3. Take your time: Don’t jump into a relationship to get back at you ex. Using someone isn’t a good idea because not only do you hurt the person your distracting yourself with, but you’re hurting your ego. This is the time to gather yourself and work inward before you can start moving outward.

How did you move on after a bitter breakup?  Share in the comments below!