Cupid's Pulse Article: Zoe Saldana Hides Wedding Ring at First Event Since MarriageCupid's Pulse Article: Zoe Saldana Hides Wedding Ring at First Event Since Marriage

By Kerri Sheehan

Zoe’s keeping the ring hidden! Thirty-five year old actress, Zoe Saldana came out this weekend for her first official appearance since her secret wedding to Marco Perego in June. While walking the red carpet at the Longchamp Store Opening in London, England the Star Trek: Into Darkness actress kept her ring finger tucked into her pocket. Saldana still has yet to announce the marriage. A source revealed to, “She wanted to be with someone who doesn’t care about public perception. She wanted a real man.”

How do you know your partner is with you for the right reasons?

Cupid’s Advice:

Some people go into a relationship for the wrong reasons. Let Cupid help you decide if your lover is with your for the right reasons.

1. They don’t freeload: A relationship should always be give and take on both ends. When that formula is set off balance then it becomes one person taking and the other giving all they have. If you feel you and your partner heading down this path then talk to them and figure out why it is happening.

2. Money isn’t an issue: Many people go through financial troubles at some point in their life, but if it seems like your significant other is using up all of your funds then that may be a sign that you should kick them to the curb. Don’t let someone take advantage of you just because they call you pretty and hold your hand.

3. You feel loved: Love is a powerful feeling so if your partner is faking it than you’ll probably be able to tell to some extent. Don’t ignore the signs and be sure to listen to your heart.

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