Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince William’s Former Nanny Is Taking Care of Prince GeorgeCupid's Pulse Article: Prince William’s Former Nanny Is Taking Care of Prince George

By Gabriela Robles

According to People, Prince William and Kate Middleton have asked for some assistance in the baby department. The new parents have revealed that former-nanny-to-William, Jessie Webb, has recently been helping out at the couple’s house in north Wales and is likely to be coming along with them when they take a trip to Scotland for a visit with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Author of the upcoming book A Century of Royal Children, Ingrid Seward, says that Webb will assist as a big help who knows how life in the royal family can work. “She knows the ropes and knows what happens… That’s preferred rather than someone new to it all, someone who’d be terrified of it all.”

How do you know who to trust with your children?

Cupid’s Advice:

Finding someone that you can really trust will keep your child safe is a difficult decision to make. You worry what will happen if the wrong situation comes along and how a nanny will really react when it does. Cupid has some advice:

1. Take recommendations: If someone you know uses this great babysitter and goes out all the time on stress-free dates with her husband, ask for the sitter’s number! As long as you trust the opinion of your friend, you’re likely to end up with a helper that you’ll be satisfied with.

2. Set the standard: Want someone that knows CPR? Ask them. Need them to know how to actually cook for your kids instead of getting takeout every day? Request it. Make sure your needs are met. You want your children in a comfortable, safe, healthy environment. Don’t feel like you need to lower your standards just to get a nanny.

3. Do your research: It’s not a crime to ask for references or to do a quick Google search. You’re leaving your loved ones in the hands of someone you want to know you can trust. Sometimes you need to do the extra research and this is one of those times that are worth your time and attention.

How were you able to determine whom you could trust your children with? Tell us in the comments below!