Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Chew’ Star Clinton Kelly Believes That “Life Is All About Trying New Things”Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Chew’ Star Clinton Kelly Believes That “Life Is All About Trying New Things”

By Kristin Mattern

Clinton Kelly, well-known star of What Not To Wear and The Chew, has taken on yet another endeavor in which he combines his flair for style with his passion for food: He’s now serving as the spokesperson for The National Mango Board’s “Mangover.” What is Mangover? Mango plus makeover equals Mangover! Kelly shares his love of the fruit and gets the word out about how nutritious, versatile and simple mangoes are to use.

The Chew star has had a love affair with mangoes for a long time, so becoming the spokesperson for Mangover was a natural move. “I’m a big fan. I also love that this fruit is available all year round. I love the fact that a cup of mango has 100 percent of your daily recommended vitamin D and only 100 calories,” Kelly remarks. “Plus, they’re part of the clean 15 — a group of fruit that you don’t have to buy organic, which is important.”

Mangoes aren’t only nutritious; they’re also easy to substitute into meals. “They have this great texture that’s firm and works in certain recipes when you need a fruit to hold up. You can even grill a mango,” Kelly points out. “It’s got a perfect balance of sweetness where it’s not sickeningly sweet and not tasteless either; it’s right in the middle.”

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Not afraid to experiment with tastes, Kelly comes up with some unconventional recipes like  Grilled Ham and Cheese with Mango. If you want to try some of his unique recipes but are dating a finicky eater, the chef recommends making a mango sauce on the side, so your partner can decide if they want to try the mango-concotion or not. “Though I have to tell you,” confesses the star, “I’m not a big fan of people who are that picky when it comes to eating. I don’t think that they make good partners. That somebody will not even try new foods generally means that they’re not going to try a lot of other new things either — and life is all about trying new things.” Sage advice from a happily married man!

For date nights in the fall with husband Damon Bayles, Kelly says he’s looking forward to roasting a delicious chicken. “There is a great recipe with chicken that I’m doing on The Chew,” he shares. “You make a mixture of cloved garlic, fresh parsley, salt, and cinnamon. Turn it into a paste using a food processor; put it under the skin of the chicken; and then roast the chicken for about an hour or so.”

The style pro has some tips for date night fashion too. “When it comes to the first date, it’s important that you feel beautiful because that gives you confidence.” Kelly suggests wearing your favorite color or a print that represents you. “I would recommend being tastefully sexy. That means wearing clothes that show off your shape but don’t necessarily reveal too much skin.” The What Not to Wear stylist proposes a great pencil skirt, blouse, micro-fishnet tights, and a pair of heels.

When it comes to meeting his parents, he says to communicate with your significant other to find out what his family is like. If they are jean people, wear jeans; if they’re fancy, wear a dressier outfit. He adds, “The general rule of thumb when going on a job interview or meeting someone’s parents for the first time is chest, not breast. You can wear something that is V-neck and shows your décolletage, but don’t take it any further.”

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For weddings, he advises avoiding white (of course) and being careful with red. “There is always that woman in the red dress every time I go to a wedding. She’s wearing a low-cut, short red dress with a shine to it. There’s something about it that almost feels like you’re trying to steal the attention away from the bride. You want to be classy at a wedding.” He suggests choosing colors that fit the season, like gem and dark colors for fall and winter and light, bright colors for spring and summer.

Adding to his resume, Kelly recently wrote a book, Freaking Fabulous on a Budget, which comes out tomorrow and provides readers with tips on how to hone their style, cook great food, and make cocktails and crafts for the home on a budget. This star certainly does it all!

To learn more about Kelly, connect with him on Pinterest, Twitter @clinton_kelly, and Facebook. Visit and be sure to watch him on The Chew! To purchase his new book, check it out on Amazon.