Cupid's Pulse Article: 8 Kissing Techniques That Will Make You an Unforgettable KisserCupid's Pulse Article: 8 Kissing Techniques That Will Make You an Unforgettable Kisser

By Anna Karimo

Kissing is an excellent way of connecting with someone you care about. Although some people take kissing very casually, kissing has more meaning when it’s between couples or people with strong romantic feelings for each other. According to relationship experts, kissing is an excellent way to express love and affection. However, it’s important for individuals to recognize that kissing requires conscious tact and technique. You can’t give magical kisses if you don’t know how to kiss. Below are some effective kissing tips that will teach you how to kiss the right way:

1. Keep your lips soft: This is by far one of the best kissing tips for giving magical kisses. Nobody wants to kiss tense, rough lips. Use chapstick or lip gloss frequently if your lips are usually dry and cracked. This always does the trick for both men and women.

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2. Start off with a few soft, slow kisses: This kissing technique is perfect for avoiding common kissing mistakes like lip-smacking or being too loose with your tongue. Soft and slow kissing at the start helps set the right mood. It also allows you to gauge your smooching partner’s kissing interest and style. Once you gauge the other person, you are in better position to know when to change up the intensity of your make-out session.

3. Manage saliva levels: If you can’t keep your spit under control, you run a very high risk of ruining a good kiss.  Although there are people who don’t mind sloppy kisses, you should make a point of managing your saliva levels just to be on the safe side, especially at first.

4. Lock lips: This tip is effective when the first few kisses have gone well and you want to initiate a closer connection and body contact with your partner. The best way to lock lips is putting the other person’s lower lip between yours. More advanced pro-tip: lightly suck and nibble on their bottom lip to be a playful, sexy kisser.

5. Remember to breathe: For some reason while you’re kissing, it’s easy to forget to breathe. But it’s impossible to commit to a good kiss if you’re uncomfortably oxygen-deprived. Regardless of how intense the kiss is, take time to breathe softly or break away for a few seconds to catch your breath (which can be sexy–don’t you like feeling the soft breath of your kissing partner grazing your neck?). Don’t be afraid to breathe. Breathy nervousness and excitement are crucial ingredients to giving magical kisses because they flatter your partner.

6. Use your hands: Don’t be skittish with the rest of your body. Let your hands roam and feel. Restricting hand movement is unnatural and will most likely prevent you and your partner from getting lost in the moment. A hand on the back of the neck, a slight tug of the hair or a scratch down your partner’s back can amp up the sexiness factor while you make out. Sometimes it helps to make your movements sequential, moving from the head downwards to create anticipation.

7. Try using your tongue: You’re probably going to have to use your tongue, at least a little, if you want to give mind-blowing kisses. You must exercise tact for this technique to be effective. Start slowly and see how your partner responds. If your partner returns the gesture, you are clear to use your tongue to increase the kissing intensity. If your partner pulls away, stick to the lips only.

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8. Mix it up: You should also remember to mix everything up if you want to give exciting kisses. Don’t just stick to one kissing style. Alternate light, fast kisses with slow, deep ones. You should break away for a few moments to give other areas of your partner’s body a little attention. Kiss their neck, chest, eyes or cheek. Always remember that variety kills monotony and boredom. Mixing up everything will keep things spicy.

Follow these tips and you’ll be an excellent kisser in no time. Being a good kisser isn’t hard–and practicing is the best part.

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