Cupid's Pulse Article: Five Ways To Get His Undivided AttentionCupid's Pulse Article: Five Ways To Get His Undivided Attention

By David Wygant

You see a man you’re interested in at the grocery store, and you know you can’t just let him walk away. But how are you going to make him notice you without stripping naked and doing a sexy dance in the produce section — which, of course, will get you arrested? Well, the good news is it’s easy to get a guy’s attention. These simple five ways will give you the confidence to turn his head any time, any where.

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1. Do a double-take.  Most women do the single-take: that one quick glance before they look in another direction, hoping the man will approach them. Men need the double-take. When you look at us only one time, we’re never going to walk over to you because we think you may have been looking at someone or something behind us. The double-take assures us that you’re actually interested in us.

2. Allow us to help. I don’t care if you create the same salad at Whole Foods every time. The next time you’re grabbing lunch, when you see a cute guy, look at him and say, “I am so curious — what’s good here?” Watch how fast he goes into fix-it mode. He’ll give you advice, and he’ll feel needed and wanted. When that happens, it triggers an instant attraction to you because all men want to feel desired. Play the damsel in distress; it works every time.

3. Maintain eye contact and smile. Always smile when he says something because it’ll encourage him to keep talking. Men do an insecure dance inside their head. They’re always wondering, “Does she like me? Is she interested?” Eye contact and a simple smile tells him that he’s doing okay.

4. Ask questions.  Most guys will ask you a lot of questions to find out more about you. What normally happens, though, is that women don’t ask men questions back. To get his undivided attention, ask him questions. Allow him to talk about himself and show interest in what he says. Guys love talking about themselves; give him the chance, and he’ll love you for it.

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5. Don’t pay too much attention to his friends. If you’re with a group of people and a guy’s interested in you, he’ll only focus on you. You’ll notice that he almost acts like the rest of your friends aren’t there. You need to do the same if you’re talking to a group of men. Don’t spend too long chatting or flirting with his friends. It sets off a man’s insecurities, and he’ll assume you’re interested in someone else instead.

These five steps are all you need to know. Keep it simple, and you’ll find your dating life changes instantly. Before you know it, you’ll have his undivided attention permanently!

David Wygant is a dating coach and author of Naked and Always Talk to Strangers. For more relationship advice, you can follow him on Twitter @DavidWygant and