Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Biggest Loser’ Winner Ali Vincent Says, “We All Need a Support System”Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Biggest Loser’ Winner Ali Vincent Says, “We All Need a Support System”

By Kristin Mattern

The first woman to win The Biggest Loser — a show that premieres its fifteenth season next Tuesday, October 8th — Ali Vincent really lives up to her motto of “believe it, be it.” She has moved on from reality television to become a motivational speaker and author of Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life. Vincent continues to live a rich, full life with her new show Live Big with Ali Vincent on the Live Well Network.

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The idea for the show began with her book. “There’s a line about how it was ironic that I had to lose half of myself and become smaller in order to live big, and we developed the show from there.” On Live Big, Vincent helps her guests’ follow in her footsteps. This season is all about adventure, and her mom, Bette-Sue, is along for the ride. “We’re focusing on our bodies not holding us back as we enjoy adventurous lives.”

The theme of not being limited by one’s body hits home for the celebrity who, before her time on The Biggest Loser, was restricted by her own body weight — an impediment she works hard to never be constrained by again. “I felt trapped because I was ashamed and embarrassed of my body, and I collected evidence for why people were judging me or not giving me an opportunity. I realized, though, that I was collecting the wrong evidence. I didn’t have to change who I was; I had to shift the evidence I was collecting and focus on how I could get healthy and believe in myself.” Her own struggles help Vincent to identity with her guests and aid them through the hurdles they encounter.

Setting goals is how Vincent stays motivated, and she encourages others to do the same. Her personal challenge to herself is to choose three physical activities each year and conquer them. This year, she is running thirteen races! She recently participated in the Disney Land ‘Dumbo Double Dare,’ running a 10K race one day and a half marathon the next. “I realized I had forgotten to set objectives in my life,” the television host candidly says. “Now, I make goals that I have to train for, so I have a reason to get up and workout in the morning.”

As a motivational speaker, the star advocates that there is no secret to The Biggest Loser, but that each person has everything they need to change their lives. “Who you are doesn’t have to change; who you are is great. There are some habits you have created that need to change, so you really just need to look for areas where you can make slight shifts.” She suggests that people start by setting small, achievable goals and then writing down their progress so they can be motivated by their improvement.

As much as Vincent focuses on fitness and nutrition ambitions, she also stresses the importance of strong relationships, both romantic and otherwise. “We all need a support system,” she explains. “I try to help people recognize what they need in their loved ones so that they can reach their dreams and live big.”

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With this thought in mind, she ensures that communication is a priority in her love life. Of her boyfriend, she explains, “We have to talk about things. We come from different backgrounds and different ways of life, so we’re really just trying to support each other and have a healthy, happy, long relationship.” A triathlete herself, The Biggest Loser contestant seeks a physically fit partner who is conscious about making healthy choices. While she doesn’t expect her man to do everything she does, she loves for him to train with her from time to time, whether it be cycling or running. “I mean, it’s not the prettiest moment,” she laughs,” but it’s good to have people you can workout with.”

When it comes to date nights, Vincent prefers to go to healthy restaurants or make dinner at home with her beau, though she is up for a good splurge now and then. The key for her is balance: If she has a glass of wine with dinner, it counts as dessert. “I make healthy choices for me, but I don’t want to always be tempted. I want to go somewhere and choose what I want to eat because everything is healthy, not because it’s the one thing I can eat.”

To learn more about Vincent, visit her or connect with her on Facebook and Twitter @alivincent. Be sure to watch Live Big with Ali Vincent Saturdays at 5:30 ET/PT on the Live Well Network!