Cupid's Pulse Article: Jesse James and Kat Von D: On or Off?Cupid's Pulse Article: Jesse James and Kat Von D: On or Off?

Sandra Bullock’s ex Jesse James and Kat Von D effectively squashed all recent breakup rumors, as the pair was caught kissing while at a restaurant over lunch recently.  Rumors were swirling over James’ recent move to Austin, Texas.  In fact, People reported that Von D is unhappy with the long-distance “go-between” relationship.  Von D has also reportedly been seen with ex-flames Nikki Sixx and Bam Margera.  Despite the rumors, the much-talked-about duo seemed to enjoy lunch and left a generous tip before leaving the restaurant.What can excessive PDA mean?

Cupid’s Advice:

While some couples have no qualms about publicly displaying their affection, most couples are a little more conservative.  If excessive PDA is coming from a couple who usually keeps it tame, it’s safe to say there’s probably an ulterior motive.  Here are a few things it could mean:

1. Insecurity: If a couple shows their affection in public, it could mean that they’re insecure in their relationship.  They are trying to prove to others (and themselves) that their relationship is still going strong, even though it may be rocky at the moment.

2. Need for attention: Those who step outside the lines of public decency by excessively showing affection may only wish to shock others.  They have a need for attention that can be satisfied by some major PDA.

3. Face value: While PDA could have underlying meaning, sometimes it’s necessary to take the PDA for what it is — affection.  Therefore, it might just mean they’re lustful!