Cupid's Pulse Article: Simon Cowell Reacts to First Baby Scan: ‘It Is Just Surreal’Cupid's Pulse Article: Simon Cowell Reacts to First Baby Scan: ‘It Is Just Surreal’

By Kerri Sheehan

Simon Cowell will soon have a baby on board! The X-Factor judge’s girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, is expecting Cowell’s first child and he couldn’t be happier. However, he still doesn’t believe that it’s all for real. According to People, Cowell said, “You literally see this thing which is now alive moving around,” but he is feeling, “Very paternal right now.” The former American Idol judge has previously said that having kids was not on his to-do list, but he is now looking forward to fatherhood, especially after seeing a recent baby scan of the Cowell-to-be.

How do you know if your partner will make a good parent?

Cupid’s Advice:

Parenting isn’t easy for anyone, but how can you tell if your partner can handle the baby bag? Cupid has some advice for you:

1. Good problem solving: There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to raising a little bundle of joy. That’s why being a problem-solver is key to parenthood. If your significant other can come up with a solution to any predicament, then they’ll likely be a good parent.

2. Parental instincts: Does your partner take care of you when you’re under the weather? Do they hold you when you’re sad? If so, then he or she is already showing some parental instincts and you can almost guarantee they will increase when the child is born.

3. Being a good partner: The same things that make him or her a good boyfriend or girlfriend will also make them a good parent. If he knows when you need a carton of ice cream and a night in or if he’s able to adapt when plans change last minute then parenthood should come to him naturally.

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