Cupid's Pulse Article: HGTV Realtor Steven Aaron Talks ‘Selling LA’ and Love: “You Can’t Be Everything To One Person All The Time”Cupid's Pulse Article: HGTV Realtor Steven Aaron Talks ‘Selling LA’ and Love: “You Can’t Be Everything To One Person All The Time”

By Kerri Sheehan

From the Hollywood Hills to the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles is home to the rich and famous. Landing a real estate job in the area is like swimming in a shark tank with blood in the water. Steven Aaron, one of the stars of HGTV’s reality show Selling LA, can attest to that. The cameras follow Aaron and two other real estate firms as they attempt to book millionaire clients, tour breathtaking properties, and network their way to the top of the high-end real estate ladder.

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Aaron started his career as an interior designer before discovering his talent in real estate. He urges others to follow their gut when it comes to a career choice. “I followed my attraction to real estate, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.” Still, his interior design background helps him when it comes to staging a house and preparing a property for sale, as he’s able to create a space that potential buyers can see themselves living in and making their own.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Aaron is among the rare, as many people move to the area later in life. He’s enjoyed watching the city transform and mature during his years of living there. Due to the region’s “traffic problems, so many areas have become walking communities and have their own vibe. That never existed years ago.” Each area of L.A. is as unique as the last, from the hills to the ocean to the urban grit.

When working with a client to help them find their dream home in the bustling city, the real estate agent always tries to connect in a personal and understanding way. This method has helped him build a loyal clientele and a reputation for providing results and being as direct and tenacious as necessary.

For couples looking to buy a home together without input from this house hunting expert, consider the following advice: Agreement is key to keeping both people happy. “You have to respect each other’s differences in taste,” says Aaron. “If you don’t agree on something, you can always move onto another choice that you can both agree on.”

Speaking of couples, Aaron will soon be marrying his long-time partner in a beautiful backyard ceremony. Their wedding is taking place in the garden of a close friend who has “a lovely, informal, country-style ranch house with lots of flowers and greenery.” As far as wedding planning goes, they’ve been using the divide and conquer method. “I am in charge of the party. I have always been the one who handles the entertaining.”

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Aaron and his fiancé have been together since first meeting at a Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood back in 1987. For them, their big day is about celebrating a milestone with their loved ones. “We have so much history together. Since we’re so established, it’s a very different planning process than a younger, new couple.”

According to the real estate tycoon, the two have made their relationship last so long by sharing the same values. “We both love family. We are very close with our families, cousins, and nephews.” They also each have their own interests as well. As he explains, “You can’t be everything to one person all the time.”

Currently, Aaron is working with several investors on fixer homes that they’re flipping. You can catch Aaron in action on Selling LA on Thursdays at 9/8c on HGTV. Be sure to follow him on or Twitter @StevenAaronRltr for more updates!