Cupid's Pulse Article: Halle Berry Steps Out With New BeauCupid's Pulse Article: Halle Berry Steps Out With New Beau

Although actress Halle Berry and new beau Olivier Martinez have been spotted together before, last week they finally made their relationship official by gracing the red carpet.  The couple made their first red carpet appearance over the weekend at the Carousel Of Hope gala in Beverly Hills.  Berry, 44, wore a stunning red dress by Yves Saint Laurent and beau Martinez, also 44, looked very handsome, as usual.  The duo met while working together on the upcoming thriller, Dark Tide.  An onlooker told Us Weekly that the “smitten” twosome were “inseparable” at the event.  Martinez was “constantly leaning in and whispering in Halle’s ear, making her laugh,” added the source.  Hey, maybe inter-office dating can work!

When should you make your relationship with a co-worker public?

Cupid’s Advice:

Dating someone you work with can be a challenge, but if you’re serious about making the relationship work, you have to be careful about when and how you go public with the relationship.  Cupid has some ideas on how to make the transition as smooth as possible:

1. Will I get in trouble?: Almost every company has rules on inter-office dating.  Look into your office’s policies to make sure you’re not in danger of getting fired before entering into a relationship with a coworker.

2. Is it serious?: Before you start telling people, make sure it isn’t just a fling.  Dating someone at work brings a lot of extra baggage with it so you need to be certain that the relationship can go the distance before you open up about it.

3. Who should I tell?: If you tell your cubicle mate you’re dating someone in the office, she might start a rumor that could easily get out of hand.  Mum’s the word as far as other coworkers go until things get serious.  Then make sure your supervisor or boss is the first to know before telling others.