Cupid's Pulse Article: Simon Cowell Speaks Out On Becoming a DadCupid's Pulse Article: Simon Cowell Speaks Out On Becoming a Dad

By April Littleton

For the first time since news broke about Lauren Silverman’s pregnancy, the X Factor judge, 53, addressed the situation. He told BBC News, “I’m proud to be a dad.” Silverman became pregnant with Cowell’s child before she separated from her now estranged husband Andrew Silverman. According to People, Cowell plans to keep his distance from the mother-to-be until her divorce case is settled. Cowell adds that Lauren is “a very special girl.”

How do you help your partner prepare to become a parent?

Cupid’s Advice:

Becoming a parent is an exciting and nerve-wreaking adventure for a couple to experience. You’re bring a new life into the world and that thought alone can be scary, especially if this is going to be your first child. As you get ready for the new baby, you might be more involved than your significant other. Don’t worry, Cupid has some tips:

1. Books:¬†Your partner might not play an active part in all of the baby research because he/she doesn’t know where to start. Baby books can help the expectant mother/father get a grip on the situation at hand more quickly. Go to a public library or your local bookstore and take a look at all of the various pregnancy guides out there to help you and your honey become great parents.

2. Talk about it: Having an open discussion with your significant other about the pregnancy and what will be expected can help ease any fears or worries he/she may have. Make sure you give your boo the time to talk about what concerns he/she has.

3. Talk to other parents: You and your partner might have some friends who are already parents themselves. Think about planning a barbecue or another activity where all your loved ones can mingle. Your love might enjoy talking to them about their experiences or he/she might just have some questions to ask them. Either way, your honey will gain a little more insight on the pregnancy.

How did you help your partner become a parent? Comment below.